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22 thoughts on “The Manager Search: Prepare for the Apocalypse

  1. Dusty Baker is a great ballball guy but not a good choice for an organization like the Reds who have a lot of good young players. He’s too nice.

  2. This is probably because if our pitchers learn to throw 8 innings everytime we wouldn’t need a bullpen!!!!! He did such a great job with Wood and Prior. They should put an asterisk next to his managerial record because of having Bonds on his team.

    I may boycott watching the Reds next year.

  3. You are kidding me, right? Ol’ stick in the mouth? Does he have any ideas in his head other than starters pitch ’til they break and everyone else shoot up steroids? If the Reds needed to keep MLB happy and interview a minority, I would’ve been happy with ANYONE else. Heck, interview Tony Dungy.

  4. I was thinking that the Reds might have leaked this b/c they were required to interview a minority candidate.

  5. Bill, that may be true…but there are any number of QUALIFIED minority candidates out there. There is no reason to waste time with a potential disaster like Baker.

    Either the Reds like Baker and think he is a good candidate, or they don’t like him and they are just paying lip-service to consideration of minorities for the position. Neither of those choices inspires confidence in the Reds braintrust.

  6. If the Reds wanted to interview a minority candidate, why not interview Billy Hatcher? Get his name out there. Maybe it will lead to a true interview one day. Just my opinion.

  7. It seems like I remember a quote a year or two ago from Baker in which he said he does not like baserunners, lol. I think he was an advocate more of power baseball or something. Anyone remember that?

    I think Girardi might be the best match for the Reds. He is young, fiery and could motivate folks like Dunn and EE to produce (if we keep them). Hatcher also seems to me like he might be a good fit since he has some coaching experience and was a cog in the ’90 World Series Championship Reds. For that matter, maybe Eric Davis could have some role with the team. Any word on what he is doing lately?

  8. If the Reds end up with a Baker or LaRussa then they will have gone 180 degrees from their previous hirings, that is, hiring a big name for the sake of hiring a big name. Personally, I suspect Jim Tracy is at or near the top of the list given his Hamilton, OH background and Marty’s and Joe’s serious mancrush on the guy.

  9. Yeah, but Baker’s a name and a minority candidate, which kills two birds.

    Shelton has an article on the Baker rumors also.

    Lance is reporting that Brenley is off the Reds short list and that Girardi isn’t interested.

    I’m still guessing Jim Tracy.

  10. Jamie, Baker did indeed say that. In his opinion, high OBP guys are worthless because they clog up the basepaths. He is an idiot.

  11. Jamie said:
    I think Girardi might be the best match for the Reds. He is young, fiery and could motivate folks like Dunn and EE to produce (if we keep them)

    Adam Dunn – .264 .386 .554, strikeouts cut by 30 from 2006 (if you care about that); 106 RBI – 14 more than 2006 (if you care about that); 40 HR for the 4th consecutive year.

    Don’t think he needs any help from a manager.

  12. Has anyone mentioned Torre yet? His wife is from Cincy, and he spends some time there every year. Plus the Bankees didn’t get very far, thank the baseball gods, so, does he have a job next year?

  13. Could Torre manage well on a budget like the Reds? We know Joe Girardi could 😀

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