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Post your comments on the Division Series games. Sick of hearing about the Red Sox and how great they are? Enjoying watching the Yankees take it on the chin? Rooting for the Cubs or reveling in their troubles? Excited as can be about Frank Caliendo?

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  1. It’s hard to root for anybody when the Yankees are playing the Indians.

    I’m rooting for anyone who is not the aforementioned teams, who is not located in New England, and who does not bleed Cubbie blue.

  2. AZ sweeps! Beforehand I had just assumed, instinctively perhaps, they would “wipe the floor with” the Cubs. was surprised to see many analyses showing the Cubs as the favorite, some even predicting a sweep. Turned out the other way after all.

    Go Rockies! I like to think of myself as reasonably up-to-date on major-league personnel, but had never even heard of this fireballer Ubaldo Jimenez they’ve got on the mound tonight. I saw “Jimenez” listed as the COL starting pitcher and thought, ‘good grief, Jose Jimenez made a comeback?’

  3. Also – amazing contrast between Moyer, who tops out at 82 and lives 70-80mph, and Jimenez, who tops out near 100mph and has a curve that is faster than Moyer’s fastball. Cool matchup, and they’re both shutting everybody down so far.

  4. They’re still doing this damn Ronan Tynan thing at Yankee Stadium? And still televising it, no less?!

  5. When did the TBS announcers join the Yankee payroll?

  6. Wasn’t that unbearable?

  7. Grady’s first inning HR there reminded me of Eric Davis’ in 1990. Different context, but that same sense of “we can do this.”

  8. Is Clemens done or is there another team out there he can fleece $20 million from?

  9. Y-City Jim- I wanted to ask you why do you think this team is only a bullpen from contention. You don’t build teams for only “next year” and you don’t build teams hoping that the divison stays crappy. What happens if the cubs and cardinals make a slew of moves to improve (they have the money to do it). You need to strive to build a club that can contend in ANY divison. Yes, the bullpens bad, but what “smart moves” can a GM make, kidnap some good RPs. A bullpen should only have to work 3 or 4 max. innings per game. This year we had one pitcher that consistantly allowed this. Which is why Harang’s Win Percentage when he pitches is .700+. I am tired of fans using one aspect as a scapegoat. The Reds have many problems and maybe a few more quality RPs would have helped them this year, but what about after that?

    Also, what do you consider a “smart GM move”? Suggest something to me.

  10. I agree with Y-City, and partially Will. I think the bullpen is the primary problem, and also that it’s easily fixable.

    The Reds were 7th in the NL in runs scored – that’s plenty good. They were 15th in runs allowed – that ain’t. Getting back to the league average would have saved them 90 runs.

  11. Clemens is done. Done for good. no team will pay him anything.

  12. Let’s see. The bullpen had around 30 losses, converted only 54% of their save opportunities, and was next to last in MLB in holds.

    Could we use some extra starting pitching help? Sure but I don’t have a problem with Harang, Arroyo, Bellisle, Bailey, and Livingston. I get concerned who we pop in if one of them goes down. So I guess besides the bullpen my concern would be pitching depth.

    Offensively the team is alright especially when you consider that the SS miss a lot of the season with family problems, the two CF’s spent considerable time on the DL, and they got little support from the C position.

    Girardi probably is already being fitted for his pinstripes so we can forget about him.

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