(Headline spelling a nod to our northern neighbors – Happy Thanksgiving!)

Chad hit the GM rumor mill yesterday. Today, let’s look at who might get the full-time managerial gig.

  • Pete Mackanin’s certainly a candidate.
  • The Reds will likely interview a minority candidate or two for public relations reasons – and hopefully, because it’s the smart thing to do in this day and age.
  • Hamilton native Jim Tracy was fired by the Pirates today, and has long been popular in the Reds organization.
  • If things go the way I hope they do on Sunday, this fellow may be looking for a job. And we know his wife’s family is from Cincinnati. He’s no Jerry Narron, but I think he’d do.

Any other ideas?

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20 Responses

  1. Will RedsCHI

    I really don’t think that Jim Tracy is a good idea. I think the Reds need a little more passion out of their manager. Maybe not Ozzie Guillen passion, but at least a little fire. Torre may be the exception, players can’t ignore Torre’s success and they learn via diffusion. However, I think that is Torre is released from the Yankees then he will take some time off.

    Rumored candidates that I DO NOT WANT: Bob Brenly (I could of managed the ’01 Dbacks with Schilling and Johnson), Tony LaRussa (I hated him when he was with the A’s and even more with the cards), Dusty Baker (140 pitches for Harang each start=disaster).

  2. Kerm

    Will I could not agree with you more especially when it comes to rumored managers. I wish that Girardi was a bigger player in this race, but I guess there is too strong of a case that he will end up the Yankees coach.

  3. ChicagoRedsFan

    At least one candidate will be from the Twins’ organization – that’s almost a certainty.

  4. Justin

    Hopefully it is Tom Kelley who might be coaxed out of retirement.

  5. Bill

    Also, Jim Tracy is a local guy, something that never should be ignored when considering Reds hiring decisions.

  6. preach

    I wouldn’t mind Tom Kelley…as long as he doesn’t change the spelling of his name to THOM.

  7. Matt Stiers

    We need to go after Girardi. Fresh face with some fire. Inspire the young(you saw what he did with that young FL team) facilitate the old.

  8. Matt B.

    I’ve said that I wanted Giradi from the day after Narron was fired, and I’m sticking with that.

  9. Will RedsCHI

    Girardi would be perfect. I don’t think many can disagree, but the problem is: Why would he want to come to Cincy? This team is a few years from contention. We have some young talented hitters and no really proven young pitching. Sure Bailey is a great prospect, but he hasn’t done anything yet. Remember how excited the Mets were about Paul Wilson? We have no young pitching that has proven the ability to pitch at the ML level. No Matt Cain or Tim Linnecum (sp?). Even if Bailey turns out to be great, it will be a few years, when Arroyo is past due, Harang will be 31 or 32, and then what? This team needs an overhaul and it certainly would be a challenge, but that is a GM job. Wonder what Joe G. thinks of Kriv.

    Not much payroll and a small market hurts the Reds chances.

  10. Y-City Jim

    The Reds aren’t a few years from contention. They are a bullpen from contention. Smart acquisitions by the front office and the Reds win this crummy division by ten games.

  11. willy

    i am not really sure
    i like tracy and girardi
    torre has a good record.
    but i dont really think it matters right now
    i dont think krivsky will sign anyone we want

  12. Dave from Louisville

    WE SHOULD BE DOING EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO GET GIRARDI!!!!! This guy is badass, Who wants old washed up expensive managers like Torre or Larussa. When you can get a guy who will win now, who has show to be the best out of getting the most of players. Case in point 2007 Marlins vs. 2006 Marlins. 2006 was younger and less experienced and won a hell of alot more games, and guess what the roster was about the same. GIVE ME SOME LOVE!!!!

  13. Chris

    Interestingly, Girardi’s Marlins under-performed their pythagorean projection by a couple of games.

    I’m not sure the manager was the problem with the 2007 Marlins. The offense actually scored more runs this year, but Dontrelle Willis turned into Eric Milton (3.87 ERA to 5.17); and Scott Olson jumped from 4.04 to 5.81.

    In 2006, those two dudes threw 404 innings, and gave up exactly 200 runs.

    This year, 382 IP, and 232 runs.

    Then you replace Josh Johnson’s great 160 IP with the likes of B.H. Kim and Rick Vandenhurk, and you’ve got the 7 game difference in the standings.

  14. Steve Price

    Baseball Prospectus is suggesting that Castellini (with his past Cardinal connections) would love to see the Jocketty/LaRussa team in Cincinnati.

  15. Matt Stiers

    Cincinnati is a very attractive team to come manage. For one thing they play in the central division. So saying they are years away from contention is false. They were better than the cardinals last year and they ended up beating a much more superior team in the tigers in the world series. There is youth, a committed ownership, good fan base, brand new ballpark, seasoned veterans, and on and on. This is an attractive job and you will see a big name for this job. Sorry Pete but you are out. In my mind there are 4 candidates Torre, La Russa, Tracy, and Girardi. The latter being the one they need to go after the hardest. I think he is waiting to see what happens in NY first. Krivsky said he wants to make this decision sooner rather than later but with that situation in the Bronx he might have to sit on that check book for the time being.

  16. Dan

    In what way is Jim Tracy a desirable candidate??

  17. Dan

    (The fact that Tracy is from Hamilton does NOT count in my book!!)

  18. Lil Bro

    A resounding ‘NO’ for any chance that Torre is available next season. After watching the way he’s handled his pitchin staff in the playoffs I don’t want any part of him…

  19. Justin

    Tracy doesnt inspire me. can he inspire a fly? I have not at all get fired up at or for anything. So I dont want him. Ken Macha would be nice. He is a very good tactician who will use the parts of our team to gel and squeeze out eery drop from it. The next mnager will get a better bullpen I hope.