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Game Thread: Final Game Edition

Well, the disastrous 2007 season sputters to a close this afternoon, and I think it is safe to say that we all hoped the season would have gone much better for our beloved Redlegs. Instead, it’s a seventh straight losing season; more of the same.

There are reasons, however, to be cautiously optimistic about the Reds. One of those reasons is today’s starting pitcher: Homer Bailey. Bailey should be entrenched in the starting rotation for the foreseeable future, and it will be fun to watch him improve with every outing next year.

If GM Wayne Krivsky can just make a few good moves this off-season (starting with bringing back Adam Dunn, and ending with getting some real pitchers — not Cormier/Stanton types — for the bullpen), I see no reason that the Reds can’t be serious contenders in the National League Central division in 2008.

Discuss the end of this season — and what 2008 holds in store — right here.

10 thoughts on “Game Thread: Final Game Edition

  1. Bring Dunn back
    Sift out the garbage from the bullpen
    Sign quality relievers
    Sign a smart, dynamic manager and coaching staff

    It doesn’t take much to win this division and not a whole lot more to win the NL. Let’s send Junior out as a winner.

  2. This may be the single worst starting lineup in Reds history. Just brutal.

  3. #

    I doubt I’d like this Red’s lineup if I had paid for tickets, but the game is meaningless and it’s nice of Mackanin to give the bench players a major league start.

    Hanigan is only here b/c of Jorgensen’s suspension (or “personal issues” 😀 ) and it’s highly likely he won’t be back, and this could very well be Ellison’s last game in the majors.

    So, nice gesture.

  4. It’s over, along with the incredible Mets collapse! Ironic that it happened exactly 50 years after the team they come into the league to replace abandoned Brooklyn for LA.

  5. reds should trade alex gonzalez and get what they can for him and let keppy be every day SS
    sign a decent starter.
    a few relievers (quality)
    trade freel.
    i see our lineup being next year.

    1 Hamilton. cf
    2 Keppinger. ss
    3. Phillips. 2b
    4. Dunn. lf
    5. Griff rf
    6. votto 1b
    7. Cantu or eddy 3b
    8. ross valentine c

    Quality free agent

    belisle in the pen

  6. Homer needs to figure out how to get to the 6th inning without 100 pitches before I’m sold.

  7. Address the bullpen and sign a solid veteran 3rd or 4th starter and the Reds can definitely contend for the pedestrian NL Central next year.

    With that said I’m making a smooth transition from favorite team since childhood (Reds) to team of the city of which I reside (Cubs) for the playoffs. I live less than a mile from Wrigley, so can’t help but root for them – should be interesting.

  8. A lot of people will be doing it, but I wouldn’t pencil Josh Hamilton in as the everyday Centerfielder next year. Not because he shouldn’t be from a talent perspective, but that he can’t be counted on due to his high propensity for injuries. Hopefully, the team will sign a good backup or platoon partner who can step in and play everyday when he gets hurt. I don’t like Hopper in that role. Hopper will be a very useful 5th outfielder, but the team needs an “everyday” 4th outfielder like when they had Guillen.

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