We’ve already read John Fay’s prediction that Pete Mackanin will be the Reds manager in 2008, and now I see that some Reds players are saying the job should be handed to him:

It wasn’t an overwhelming majority, but a poll of some veteran Reds players indicated there was support to have interim manager Pete Mackanin back next season with the permanent job.

From a group of 14 players surveyed on the team with three or more years big league experience, 11 responded and three declined to participate. Of those who responded, six said Mackanin should return, four said he shouldn’t return and one was undecided.

Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips was emphatic that Mackanin should get the job.

“I just feel like Pete knows what this team is capable of doing since he’s been here,” Phillips said. “I think Pete deserves to come back. I think he needs to come back, because he’s seen the stuff that goes on in this clubhouse and what can make this team win. If we bring a new guy in, I feel like he won’t know what we need or what really goes on in this clubhouse. That’s just my opinion.”

I’ve said this a dozen times, so I won’t waste much time re-hashing it. If the Reds conduct a serious, intense search in the off-season and Pete Mackanin turns out to be the absolute best candidate available, then sign him to a contract. But if there is a better candidate available, hire that person.

Don’t just keep Mackanin around because the Reds played a little better since he took over. That’s a silly way to make such a serious decision. If you will recall, the Reds have gotten themselves in trouble by removing the interim tag the last couple of times they hired a manager (see Narron, Jerry and Miley, Dave).

On the other hand, John Fay says that he has heard Dusty Baker’s name mentioned. Good grief, that would be a TERRIBLE decision. If GM Wayne Krivsky turns over the arms of Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto to Dusty Baker, there will be blood shed.

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  1. ChicagoRedsFan

    Yes, Chad, I absolutely agree. After watching how Dusty destroyed Mark Prior’s career and caused severe harm to Kerry Wood, I think that it would be borderline criminal of Krivsky to hire Dusty Baker. Prior pitched many 120+ pitch games in ’04 and ’05, including one 131 pitch game.

  2. ChicagoRedsFan

    I just looked at Prior’s ’03 pitch counts and they are even worse. He pitched three starts in a row over 130 pitches (131, 133, and 133)! Shocking recklessness on Dusty’s part.

  3. crypticphrasing

    Mackanin had my interest until the last three weeks or so. I know there have been injuries, but he had a chance to impress by keeping them competitive and motivated during this stretch–and the Reds have not been competitive or motivated at the end of the season. Just like I was willing to give him credit for better play after he was hired, I think he needs to take responsibility for poor play these past weeks, no matter the injuries excuse. No Griffey or Dunn? Change how you manage. Try something. So I am lukewarm about Mackanin–I won’t scream if he’s hired, but I won’t be pleased either. And please–no Dusty Baker or Larussa….

  4. Will RedsCHI

    Hey, another ChicagoRedsFan. I second that no Dusty Baker movement. I would rather have Mackanin back than deal with Dusty. A lot of people will say Girardi should be offered the job, but we all no there is little to no chance that he would accept. He’s just waiting for Torre to go. The only thing I am really waiting for is the Reds to bring Larkin back. They need to axe either Dent or Berry to make room for Larkin. This way they can start grooming him for management. Hell, hire him now…Can’t be any worse than it was under Narron. I just want someone who has seen success in Cincy to be at the helm. Who better than Barry?

  5. Joe

    Bucky Dent was of course axed with Narron in July. Barry Larkin seems to be more atuned to the politics of baseball. If he has a relationship with Castellini, then he should be in the front office and maybe eventually GM of the Reds.

  6. Will RedsCHI

    whoops my mistake…Its easy to forget some things when you never get to watch the games and have to live with a slow internet connection and gameday.