Adam Dunn is going to have minor surgery on his knee (I know, minor surgery is surgery being performed on someone else), and his season is over…and what a season it has been:

The Reds announced shortly before Tuesday’s game against Houston that left fielder Adam Dunn will undergo arthroscopic surgery to clean out his right knee.

The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Dunn didn’t start two of the Reds’ last three games in San Francisco. He is hitting .264 with 40 home runs and a career-high 106 RBI this season.

He is the first player in Reds history to hit at least 40 home runs in four consecutive seasons and to produce more than one season of 100 RBI, 100 walks and 100 runs scored. This is the third season he’s reached triple figures in all three categories.

If Dunn has played his last game for the Reds, i.e., if GM Wayne Krivsky doesn’t pick up his contract option, I’m going to be thoroughly disgusted with this organization. He’s the best hitter and most productive player on this team.

I do have the feeling, however, that we’re worrying over nothing and that the Reds are going to pick up the option.

5 Responses

  1. Jeff

    You see the comments on Fay’s blog about Dunn faking to go fishing with Griffey? I laughed out loud, then I realized it was probably a serious accusation.

  2. Bill

    I don’t really have any doubts about them picking up the option…and I’d like to see an extension, but why would he want to stay here?

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    That’s a “when did you stop beating your wife” kind of poll.

  4. Glenn

    I agree Chad, if they don’t pick up Dunn’s option, the team is being run by idiots. 40Hr’s, 106rbi’s can’t be replaced with a platoon of Freel, Hopper and Coates.