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Game Thread: Reds at Giants — 2007.09.22

I’m posting this game thread early in the day (I’ll set it to publish to the front page at 8:00 pm) because I’m on the road, though I expect to be home in plenty of time to watch this one. The family and I are in Charlottesville, VA, at a major college football game.*

The ol’ Redlegs pulled one out last night in extra innings, thanks largely to a five-run 8th inning…and no thanks at all to Mike Stanton, who has been a complete disaster this year. I kept expecting him to get better, but it has never happened. Glad he has a two-year contract!

Tonight, Bronson Arroyo takes the mound for the Reds. Let’s hope for a third straight win against the Giants. Discuss it here.

*Again, a disclaimer: I confess that, given the state of the program, any game involving the University of Virginia can’t reasonably be called a major college football game. I can pretend otherwise, though. It is my alma mater, after all.

5 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Giants — 2007.09.22

  1. Does it matter if Hatteberg is on the team anymore? We should have traded him months ago.

  2. We should have traded him because he’s valuable enough for a prospect or two and we have a good prospect to replace him, not because he’s not useful. He’s been one of the most productive Reds hitters this year and last.

    Congrats to your alma mater Chad. They played well today and beat a very good Georgia Tech team.

  3. Agreed. Hatteberg has(had?) value.
    And he was blocking one of the Reds top prospects.
    We got rid of the other half of the platoon and replaced him for free with someone 100 years younger.

    Should have done that with both parts of the platoon.

    At this point and really for the Reds since they have been awful, most of the season the priority should be on getting AB for players like
    Votto, EE, Hamilton and Cantu.
    I also think some players like Dunn, Phillips, and Keppinger should continue to get AB.

    They are all young

    Hopper is NOT one of those players
    Hatteberg is NOT one of those players


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