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Welcome back, Homer Bailey!

Not a bad return to the big leagues for Homer Bailey last night. Bailey went 5.1 innings, giving up one run on three hits. He struck out three and walked just one.

Of interest to many in Redleg Nation is this:

Bailey improved to 3-2 and looked very much like the pitcher he was before a groin injury derailed his season. His velocity was consistently at 94. He hit 96 several times and 97 once.

“I didn’t check to see what my velocity was,” Bailey said. “I felt healthy.”

Very nice.

5 thoughts on “Welcome back, Homer Bailey!

  1. He definitely looked much more fluid and in control, but it was a pitiful Giants lineup he faced.

  2. What’s with PeteyMac calling him ‘pitcher-ish’? Talk about faint praise. If he’s going to dismiss that performance in the interest of being frank and honest, then he’d better swear a blue streak over some of the bullpen performances. Just be consistent dude. Even before last nights’ start I would’ve felt comfortable projecting Homer as a 170 inning #4 starter w/ a slightly below average ERA. That’s exactly what the rotation needs–stability. It’s why people throw $40 million at the likes of Jeff Suppan, because he’s a horse–kind of a nag, but a horse nonetheless. But I understand young guys historically can’t be counted on to provide that, so it creates a dilemna.

  3. Mackanin was saying picturesque while using a play on words for pitcher.

    Overract much?

  4. Pitching in the Bigs takes time to develop. Lets be patient. Homer’s going to be fine.

  5. He should be the #3 next year, baring a trade for someone that can fill that role, in which case he should be #4. But he should be in the rotation coming out of ST.

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