I don’t know why, but I think this is hilarious.

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15 Responses

  1. Matt B.

    I saw that a couple days ago. Apparently, people in Boston are calling this a travesty, and you shouldn’t do that to a kid. Hell, the kid should be happy he got an autograph. It’s not like Duncan had to do anything for him. Not sure why a Red Sox fan would want the autograph of a 27-year-old rookie, but I thought it was pretty funny, too.

  2. Bill

    I see it differently, I see it as a player acting like an arrogant ass. Where’s the professionalism?

    I’m guessing that people wouldn’t find it so funny if he’d done it to their kid.

  3. Bill

    I have a great sense of humor…I just think this is a PROFESSIONAL baseball player and he should act professional in their dealings with fans, especially kids.

    Guess this is more of the “humor” of today that I don’t understand…Will Ferrell, “Something About Mary”, “American Pie” movies,  etc. Or maybe I’ve just outgrown potty humor?

  4. GodlyCynic

    Of course, as there are no scatological references, it’s not potty humor. It’s just a rookie trying to get into the spirit of the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry. Honestly, that same ten year old kid was probably yelling “Yankees suck” all before, during, and after the game (as was probably his mother and most of the Red Sox fans claiming that this is wrong).

  5. Bill

    Sorry, we’ve got a different definition of “potty humor”…anything that depends solely on bad language or crude behavior is, in my book, potty humor.

    As for his yelling “yankee’s suck”, nothing like an uninformed, unsubstantiated guess at someone else’s behavior to prove a point…

  6. Matt Stiers

    Come on. Did this autograph scar this kids life? It was a joke in good humor. It was not derogatory, it was not meant to be hurtful. The word suck was probably the nicest thing he heard that night. I dont know if any of you have been to a Yankee Red Sox game in fenway before but I have and trust me that kid could have had the vocabulary of Tony Soprano before he walked out of there. I thought it was humorous and good to see the players interacting with fans in a more friendly manner. The most humorous part about this whole thing is that when this is all said and done I bet this autograph ends up being his favorite. There is a story that goes with it and its more than just a name written on a piece of paper, there is interaction between the kid and a major league baseball player.

  7. GodlyCynic

    Nothing like uptight behavior to suck the fun out of life. Oh no! I said “suck”!

  8. John

    You know what’s killing baseball? Every time someone in Boston or New York lets a fart, it’s somehow more important than FIVE OTHER DIVISION RACES.

  9. GregD

    It’s not like this kid was sitting by himself on the front step of the make-a-wish foundation, dreaming of the day Shelley Duncan would sign the only piece of paper the poor boy could afford. If you read the story linked within the story with Duncan’s perspective, the kid was with a group of Boston fans exchanging playful barbs with the Yankee outfielder. In the midst of that scene (being told by all the surrounding fans that he sucked) this kid asks Duncan to sign his notebook, and Duncan signs the infamous autograph.

  10. GodlyCynic

    Excellent. Consider my answer previously referred to as unsubstantiated to now be substantiated.

  11. Pete

    Bill, what are you, like 87 years old?

  12. preach

    I think it was just part of the rivalry. He signed the autograph in the spirit of that rivalry. The preacher in me would not have a problem with my son coming home with that autograph. Tasteful, not really. Offensive, not really. Actually, I’m more offended by everything that’s done in Fenway being a breaking story. I think the Red Sox and Yankees both suck.