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Game Thread: Reds at Brewers — 2007.09.15

Kirk Saarloos starts tonight, in search of a spot in the 2008 rotation, according to mlb.com. Ummm…okay. I thought Saarloos might be able to compete for the fifth spot in this year’s rotation, but he has done nothing all year. In fact, in his last start, as you might recall, Saarloos faced seven batters and didn’t get any of them out.

Let’s hope tonight’s results are different. Saarloos has been bad this year, but he isn’t really this bad. Maybe the turnaround will start tonight. It might be his last chance; there is speculation that Homer Bailey might make a start this week.

Jeff Suppan starts for the Brew Crew. Discuss it here.

17 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Brewers — 2007.09.15

  1. And a single on an 0-2 pitch for the next batter. Things don’t get any easier with Ryan Braun and Fielder next.

  2. Well, at least that’s an out. 1-0 Brewers. Fielder follows up with a single . . . if this really is an audition for the 2008 rotation, I’d say he’s earning his unconditional release.

  3. A funny-hop error charged to Encarnacíon didn’t help matters, but at the same time, Saarloos was really lucky to get out of that with just 2 runs allowed. Hardy pulled a would-be two-out grandslam foul by a foot or two.

  4. Votto does it again. Still hitting in the 7th spot, but when he’s behind Encarnacíon and Dunn, maybe that’s just fine.


  5. Damnit Pete!!! Why is Ross hitting with the bases loaded against a righty who has pitched 6 innings when you have Javy on the bench. Was there really anyone out there that did not call DP or SO?!

  6. Ha, Matt S. – during the error play I was talking to myself, saying that Edwin needed to stay at 1st so Votto would get to hit, instead of being intentionally walked to get to Ross.

  7. Isnt Hector Corrosco still around too? That guy gave up the Babe’s 700th dinger and is still around.

  8. Carrasco was, when I looked last, on the Nationals’ AAA club in Columbus OH. I was shocked – not least because of the lengths Bowden will go to offer jobs to ex-Reds.

  9. Reds get within one, and what does Pete do? Puts in Stanton. Come on! [/Gob]

    And he’s (predictably) in trouble, and no one is even warming in the bullpen.

  10. However, the Brewers are about to run themselves out of the threat. How many times does the lesson have to be learned, you don’t run on David Ross! Especially to third, with a lefty at the plate.

  11. One of the more amusing features of the Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract is the listing of the best-looking and ugliest player in each decade of baseball. ‘Ugliest’ features such luminaries as Bill Skowron and Randy Johnson. I think this pitcher currently on the mound for MIL in the 8th is the hands-down winner for the new oughts decade.

  12. Well, you use Stanton and Gosling in the late innings, and you’re going to get burned much more often than not. 5-3 MIL.

  13. It’s that time of year when everyone has fatigued with the mounting losses.

    But I just can’t help myself, because I know how much I will miss Reds baseball for the next six months. No matter how many times Saarloos and Dumatrait and Stanton are sent out there, I’ll enjoy it while I can.

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