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Is Josh Hamilton’s season over?

Josh Hamilton was injured tonight against the Cardinals: strained right hamstring. John Fay thinks his season is over. (And what a season it has been.)

Hamilton has been hurt a good bit this season, but we should have known he’d have some difficulty adjusting to such a long schedule. He’s never played this many games in a season before…and he’s barely played at all in four years.

We’ll keep you updated as the Reds update The Natural’s status.

5 thoughts on “Is Josh Hamilton’s season over?

  1. I think it’s over. He had a fine year and an has an even better future. Let’s hope he is a big part of the Reds for many years to come.

  2. Just because I want to look like an obnoxious know-it-all, some of us did anticipate injuries due to the difficulty in immediately adapting to the long grind. I missed on the end-of-season slump prediction, but I’ll explain that away by reasoning that his long periods of rest (due to injury) helped him avoid getting tired.

  3. Properly, it should probably wait until the season is actually over in a couple weeks . . . but a brief look at the RN archives of March and April is fascinating. Look where we’ve been! Remember when Dustin Hermanson was a Red, and it appeared that he would likely be the closer? Remember Griffey’s early “oh no here we go again” moments when he was slowed by the broken wrist and the bizarre pleurisy? Or when Chris Denorfia was deserving of a roster spot? Six months, and a thousand years ago.

  4. At this point the Reds are not playing for a playoff spot or even a winning season. Hamstrings can take awhile to heal. I’d say call it a season for Hamilton. Let’s not take any chances.

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