The formerly effective Matt Belisle vs. the formerly effective Mark Mulder.

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52 Responses

  1. Jimmy James

    1-1 now. Belisle looks like he has decent stuff tonight.

  2. Jimmy James

    Of course, he gave up a homer to David Eckstein to lead off the game, so that’s pretty bad.

  3. Jimmy James

    Nice grab by Ed E. Has his defense improved, or what? Maybe it’s just my eyes. Maybe JinAZ or someone will show us whether his defense has improved over the course of the season as steadily as it’s seemed.

  4. Jimmy James

    VERY casual flip by Brandon Phillips screws up the double play, but Ankiel gets thrown out at second anyway.

  5. Jimmy James

    Actually, I take that back. The Phillips toss wasn’t bad, after looking at the replay. Kepp just screwed up the throw.

  6. DevilsAdvocate

    Cincinnati’s next big shortstop free agent signing likes hitting in Cincinnati. So does Cincinnati’s next big let-him-walk free agent.

    Solo HR for Eckstein and Dunn, 1-1 in the third.

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    Keppinger has really tailed off, it seems, since Gonzalez returned and he had to sit on the bench more often.

  8. Jimmy James

    Yeah, Kepp has cooled off. It was inevitable, I guess, but not playing every day probably sped up the cooling-off process.

  9. Jimmy James

    Eckstein for Dunn. That’s not a fair trade; it’s bad for the Cardinals. Eckstein is clutch and knows how to win…Dunn is exactly the opposite.

  10. Jimmy James

    Right on cue, a Dunn grand slam!!!

  11. Jimmy James

    101 RBI, 38 HR for Dunn, 941 OPS.

    Yet this city doesn’t appreciate what they’ve got.

  12. DevilsAdvocate

    Man, you walk away for a minute to catch the Daily Show you missed last night, and all hell breaks loose. 7-1 Reds.

  13. DevilsAdvocate

    Mulder is approaching Dumatrait territory with a 14.14 ERA (in just 2 starts).

  14. Jimmy James

    Yeah, this game got fun all of a sudden.

  15. Randy

    With Mulder on the mound, why isn’t Hopper starting instead of Dunn? Mackanin’s an idiot.

  16. DevilsAdvocate

    I see in the play-by-play that Pujols walked in the first, and was then erased on a doubleplay. It was Keppinger on the pivot, not Phillips, but did Pujols slide?

  17. hammer1

    I’d love for the Reds to destroy the Cardinal playoff hopes. That would please me to no end. Is there something wrong with me for saying that? 🙂

  18. Matt Stiers

    2 for 2 5 RBI’s seems smart but I agree in principle. I cant figure Dunn out. He is going to end his season with monster numbers again. Over 40 jacks and 110 rbi’s yet somehow I just see this team better off without him. (Salary, trade compensation, reduced SO, better defense, room for Jay Bruce) But all that is still hard to justify against his numbers. I have no idea what they are going to do.

  19. Randy

    I just don’t see any way they can replace his offense. And we can’t afford to lose any more offense. IMO.

  20. DevilsAdvocate

    No, hammer1, there’s something oh-so-right about saying that.

  21. Jimmy James

    Hammer, I’m with you 100%. Nothing would make me happier than for the Reds to ruin the Cards’ playoff chances.

  22. Chris

    Don’t make it harder than it is, Matt. Dunn’s very, very good, and very, very important to this team.

  23. crypticphrasing

    Ankiel is obviously strung pretty tight –from his wild pitching days you could assume that. Now he’s got one hit since the HGH revelations and he blew two somewhat easy flies in right field. Looks like he’s heading from the next Steve Blass to the next Steve Sax. I live in Cardinals’ country and so I’m forced to listen to the Cardinal announcers–they seem pretty concerned, as they should be. Time for the media to go back to Hamilton for the feel good story of the summer.

  24. Jimmy James

    Ankiel’s a head case, always has been. I know he had a really rough childhood. But man, you might be right, cryptic. He might be ready to fall off the earth for a second time.

  25. Jimmy James

    If Belisle can get through the 6th inning here, I’ll be really pleased with this start. We need this out of him…well, we’ll need it out of him next year.

  26. DevilsAdvocate

    Belisle: 6 innings, 5 hits, 2 walks, 2 runs, 90 pitches. Send him out for one more? Or turn it over to Stanton et al right away?

  27. Jimmy James

    Good start by Belisle. First runner reaches in the 7th, though.

  28. Jimmy James

    I think leaving him in was the right call, btw, DA. We’ll see if it works out.

  29. Jimmy James

    Belisle’s still throwing hard.

  30. DevilsAdvocate

    Yadier Molina is this year’s Bill Hall. What’s he hitting against the Reds? It’s got to be about .400, and with most of his homers too.

  31. crypticphrasing

    I think the Reds employ a modification of the ten-run rule to be more sportsmanlike in blowout games. Whenever they get ahead by five or more runs they bring in Stanton to give the other team a better chance…I think I am joking….but he is warming in the ‘pen.

  32. Jimmy James

    And he’s the crappiest hitter in the majors, probably.

  33. Jimmy James

    Well, another good inning by Belisle.

  34. Jimmy James

    I can’t believe it has been six years since 9/11/01.

  35. DevilsAdvocate

    Pretty amazing, huh JJ? I think I’m going to split in a moment for my annual viewing of The 25th Hour.

  36. Jimmy James

    Exactly what is the 25th Hour?

  37. Y-City Jim

    Welch and T.Brennaman expressing man love for Cantu.

  38. DevilsAdvocate

    Cantu has only 23 AB with the Reds so far? Why does it seem like so much more than that?

    Probably in part because he’s done so much with those few plate appearances: .409/.481/.636 coming into tonight, and he’s been on base every time up so far.

    Also, 23 AB and 6 walks now. Not a bad start for a guy whose impatience is supposed to be the stuff of legend. He did have only 13 walks with ~180 AB in AAA, so probably just a small-sample blip…still encouraging.

  39. DevilsAdvocate

    The 25th Hour. Possibly the first really honest expression of 9/11 grief in popular culture.

  40. Y-City Jim

    Even if Cantu is a keeper where do the Reds put him? Platoon him and Votto?

  41. Y-City Jim

    A real effective RH bat would be nice though.

  42. Y-City Jim

    Talk about a contrast. A boring game where the Reds lead rather than one where their brains are getting beat in!

  43. Y-City Jim

    What a plus if Bellisle can mature into a consistently effective starter next year.

  44. Jimmy James

    I’m afraid Cantu is going to play third after the Reds trade EE.

  45. Matt Stiers

    Is it possible to package Gonzo Freel and somebody else for a good pitcher starting or relief? If so you can move BP to short and let Cantu play second. 28 HR’s and 118 RBI’s is something scary to think about if Dunn is not back next year. I know that was a few years ago for Cantu but its nice to dream.

  46. Jimmy James

    Thom is showing man-love now for a t-shirt some guy in the stands is wearing.

  47. Jimmy James

    I’d make that deal in a second, Matt. I wouldn’t mind a three-man rotation of BP, Cantu, and Kepp in the middle infield.

    Gotta tell you, though, I hope you aren’t suggesting that Cantu is going to do very much to help offset offense lost if Dunn leaves. It will take ten Cantus to replace Dunn’s production.

  48. Y-City Jim

    If they trade EE just as he is on the verge of coming into his own then they are bigger idiots than I imagined.

  49. Jimmy James

    Don’t hold your breath, Jim.

  50. Matt Stiers

    If he puts up those numbers he certainly will not offset Dunns numbers. But it would be a damn good start at a relative low cost. And with a healthy Josh Hamilton(35 HR and 85 RBI) and new bats Votto and Bruce the offense could not be as hard pressed as one would think. However once again what I just said is hard to justify against a sure 40 HR 100 RBI guy.