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Game Thread: Brewers at Reds — 2007.09.09

Lots of great sports today. The NFL is kicking off (though the Bengals won’t play until tomorrow), the men’s final of the US Open is this afternoon, and they are playing the final round of the next-to-last PGA Tour playoff event, as well.

I’ll be watching Phil Dumatrait (0-3, 13.00 ERA) and the Cincinnati Reds against the Milwaukee Brewers at Great American Ballpark.

If you’re watching the Reds, discuss it here…or feel free to discuss whatever football game or other sporting event that you are watching.

13 thoughts on “Game Thread: Brewers at Reds — 2007.09.09

  1. I don’t think there wll be much discussion today given football, oh and the 8-1 Brewers lead in the 4th inning.

    I am pretty glad that Phil Dumatrait got another start though…. Heck, if I would have known no outs would be recorded i would have played for a lot less money. I could have probably served up back to back to back HR to start the game…..

  2. I’ll watch the Bengals if they make it onto TV. Women’s tennis is okay, I guess, if I’m temporarily out of books to read. I’ll only watch golf if I’m in the midst of a long period of depression.

    Baseball is where it’s at. Even if Dumatrait is in there.

    For the record, I typed all that, then looked at the score. Ugh. Will Dumatrait ever get better than this? He’s been reliably horrific every time out.

  3. Both Shearn and Saarloos used in relief? I’m more and more confused about the Reds’ starting rotation every day.

  4. Baseball is definitely where it’s at, DA, but I like other things occasionally.

    Judging by today’s game, though, I’d rather watch the LPGA Tour, and that’s the most unwatchable thing in the world.

  5. Phil Dumatrait’s peripherals weren’t great in AAA, but no way could you predict that he’d have an ERA 15 of after 5 games in the majors.

    What’s up with that?

  6. Agreed – I did not expect great things based on Dumatrait’s minor-league performance, but this isn’t just ‘not great,’ and it doesn’t even rise to the level of ‘bad.’ It’s outright horrible.

  7. Wow – I went and answered the phone, and came back to discover that a homer has made it a ballgame. Go Edwin! 8-5.

  8. For what it’s worth, Dumatrait has a FIP of only 8.70. He’s been unlucky and the victim of subpar defense! 🙄

  9. Well, I thought we might be able to come back, but Johnny Estrada put all his weight into one (off McBeth) and now it’s 10-5.

    At least EE is playing well offensively and defensively now. Thom and Jeff were bragging on his defense earlier, after he made yet another spectacular play.

    Edwin got off to a terrible start this year, and that’s making his overall numbers look bad, but I expect a very good year from him in 2008.

  10. Ouch. I like Marcus McBeth a lot, but he’s not been sharp in this second go-round in the majors.

  11. Pete says that a decision about Dumatrait is forthcoming?!?!?! And that he’s not done in the majors?!?!?! If I’ve ever seen someone who simply is not Major League material, it’s Dumatrait. What are they doing?!?!

  12. Dumatrait looks like a puppy who’s just about to be run over by a truck. His confidence is absolutely shot. I don’t see this turning itself around in the near term.

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