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Game Thread: Brewers at Reds — 2007.09.07

Does it seem to anyone else like the Reds and Brewers play fifty games a year? I’m tired of seeing Milwaukee.

Hopefully, Bronson Arroyo is tired of them too and will dispatch them quickly tonight. He’ll be facing Dave Bush, who hasn’t been particularly effective in his two starts against the Mighty Redlegs this year.

Ignore the high school football tonight, watch the Reds, and discuss it here.

43 thoughts on “Game Thread: Brewers at Reds — 2007.09.07

  1. Well, this game has started off well. Non-stop consecutive singles, looks like. 4-0 with more on the way – Joey Votto is up!

  2. Ha ha! Right on, Votto double to deep right center, 6-0 and still only one out, and the Reds have already batted around here in the first.

  3. Cincinnati Reds

    Hamilton, cf
    Gonzalez, ss
    Griffey Jr., rf
    Phillips, 2b
    Dunn, lf
    Valentín, c
    Encarnacíon, 3b
    Votto, 1b
    Arroyo, p

  4. lalalallalal I’m not listening.

    (Should he have been sent? Gameday doesn’t really convey anything about the play.)

  5. Im glad to see Votto doing so well, maybe this will alter Wayne’s thinking on not being so conservative in promoting these young players.

  6. How far the mighty have fallen – Capuano reduced to long relief now?

  7. Just when you thought the Reds were going to roll over for the year they bust out 8 runs right away…

    If only they played like this all year!

  8. Even over the radio I could hear the extra cheer from the crowd as Votto came to the plate.

  9. Votto comes in–shows it’s time for the new guys to take over.

    Nuxhall doing radio this week–shows some old-timers are better than the new guys.

  10. Votto’s OPS is 2433, with a batting average of .800. That has to come down, doesn’t it? Maybe it is going to be that easy for him.


  11. This is why I wanted to see Votto up here no later than the first of August. He’s holding his own, but you can see him learning how to be a major leaguer with every AB and every inning. That experience will be invaluable next year, and they wasted a chance to get an extra month of that experience for him.

    I’m happy to see him here now, though.

  12. A better throw, and Votto would have been thrown out at the plate again. Instead, it’s an RBI for Josh Hamilton.

  13. This time, Votto does score on the Hamilton single. Helped that Hamilton didn’t pull it at 110mph this time.

  14. Jay Bruce, Josh Hamilton, Joey Votto, Edwin Encarnacion, Brandon Phillips. That is half the everyday lineup filled with serious young talent. If they keep Adam Dunn to be the big bopper with those guys around him, the offense is set for the next five years or more.

  15. As for pitching, with Harang and Arroyo…if Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto pan out, that could be four very solid starters in 2009. Toss in a Bobby Livingston or Matt Belisle and you have as good a rotation as anyone else.

    Yeah, I’m looking through rose-colored glasses, but there’s a chance this team could be decent in a year or two. If they let the kids play.

    And if Krivsky figures out how to put together a bullpen.

  16. Phillips doubles off the wall…I thought it was gone.

    And the hit parade continues.

  17. Another brilliant defensive play by Encarnacion! As he irons out the dumb mistakes on defense, he’s going to be outstanding over there at third. That’s why you are patient with young players!

  18. With Rolen a shadow of his former self, how about Edwin Encarnacíon, Gold Glover?

    I don’t think I’m joking.

  19. If EE throws consistently — and he’s been better at that — he’s as good with the leather as anyone.

  20. There are 6 3b in the NL with more throwing errors than Edwin has. Combined with a very low number of fielding (glove) errors – just 5 all year – Edwin is 5th among qualified 3b in the league in fielding percentage.

    Naturally, errors aren’t a great judge of fielding ability. Plus Edwin did spend about three weeks in Louisville, so counting stats are subverted by that as well.

    RZR (Revised Zone Rating) doesn’t like Edwin much, rating him as 11th (of 12) in the league. I’m looking forward to what JinAZ can dig up on defensive ratings for his August Reds’ summary.

  21. Pittsburgh is pasting the Cubs, so looks like the Brewers won’t lose ground. However, if STL can find a way to beat AZ in AZ, it looks like a 3-way tie atop this nobody-wants-to-win-it division.

  22. Votto has lost .229 off his batting average since the first inning. I don’t know, is he really ready for the majors? 😛

  23. Yeah, the Reds said that Jorgensen had some “personal issues” to deal with. Now we find out what those are.

  24. Also, Victor Santos was traded to Baltimore for some guy named “Cash Considerations.”

  25. Weird time for a trade. In fact I don’t recall ever seeing any trade in September.

  26. Take Arroyo out and allow him get a nice hand from the crowd. Let Stanton get an out.

  27. So I think the real question is: How good was Kelly as a third base coach?

    I kid. I can’t watch Reds games anymore now that I’m out at school, but I’m really getting pumped with all this young talent.

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