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Joey Votto is on his way to the majors…finally

Congratulations, Joey. It’s about time. They had better let him play 5-6 times a week.

Also joining the Reds immediately are pitchers Todd Coffey, Brad Salmon, and Kirk Saarloos, outfielder Buck Coats, and catcher Ryan Hanigan.

12 thoughts on “Joey Votto is on his way to the majors…finally

  1. Kind of surprised Jorgensen wasn’t called up to be the 3rd catcher in Sept.

    Coats bats left-handed. Why not Bruce? I don’t understand.

  2. I don’t have a problem with not calling up Bruce. Where’s he going to play?

    If Votto plays more LF than 1B, it will be an indication that Adam Dunn will be playing in another city next year.

  3. I agree with Chad about Bruce. He’d be taking at bats away from Votto and Coats. Bruce just turned 20 in April, no reason to rush him to the majors.

  4. Was the taking away at-bats from Coats comment a joke?

    September games out of the playoff picture is not “rushed” IMO. Start him a few times a week. PH in other games. No pressure.

  5. My question in #6 was in response to CRF in #4, not Bill’s #5. I didn’t see Bill’s message when I responded.

  6. I’ve been told today that the reason that Jay didn’t play the last couple games in Louisville was his hamstring is bothering him and that he’s not at all unhappy with no September callup.

  7. GregD, my inclusion of Coats was completely ancillary to Votto. For the record though, Coats could be a key back-up for next season and this is a good time to see what he can do in the majors. He had a nice year in AAA and can also play in the infield.

    Also, when I said rush – I meant it as “there is no rush, he just turned 20”, not the sports useage of “rushing a young player”.

    All I know for sure is, Ellison better not get any more starts! With Griffey, Dunn, Hamilton, Hopper, and Coats (and possibly Votto) in the outfield, giving Ellsion anthing more than pinch running duty would be foolish and ridiculous.

  8. Anyone know which players have to be moved onto the 40-man roster this off-season or be exposed in the Rule V draft? Just curious how many openings they need to make.

  9. I think your right Chad. The position Votto plays could be an indication if the Reds are going to pick up Dunn’s $13 mil.

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