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Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals — 2007.09.01

Can Phil Dumatrait improve his 14.18 ERA? The answer to that and other interesting questions will be answered in tonight’s game thread!!!

22 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals — 2007.09.01

  1. Dumatrait is hanging in there through three, and Reds apathy is at an all-time high.

    How I dream of Septembers that mean something…will Reds fans ever experience that again?

  2. David Ross is back, and up to his old tricks in the 4th. He did drive in a run with a double earlier, though.

  3. I agree with Welsh…Dumatrait is throwing the fastball more and getting ahead in the count more. It’s helping.

    Makes me wonder if the difference is David Ross.

  4. Just saw this on the ticker during the Cal/Tenn game.

    “Pedro Martinez will make season debut Monday at Reds.”

  5. Well, all of a sudden, the Reds are playing like the Reds…and the season is almost over. Thankfully.

  6. A Class A team could put on the St. Louis uniforms and psyched out the Reds. They just choke whenever they face this team especially in St. Louis.

  7. This team makes me sick to my stomach. —Jimmy James

    The Cardinals make me sick too. (I know that probably wasn’t what you meant.) And it’s only made worse by the fact that the Reds so often look like Little Leaguers against them.

  8. You haven’t missed anything, DA. The game was just disgusting, starting in about the 5th inning. Same old Reds.

  9. At least the Hokies won today. Chad, I take no pleasure in UVa’s getting thrashed by an also-ran from a second-rate conference. The ACC is not looking too strong these days.

    But at least it’s not the Big Ten! (cue a big Nelson Muntz ‘HA HA’ at Michigan)

  10. Looks like things were okay up until Edmonds had a big two-out hit in the fifth. At this stage of his career, if Edmonds gets an important hit, that pitcher has nothing.

    Which means Gosling had less than nothing, I guess.

  11. Rosecrans has some interesting postgame stuff on his blog, check it out. Brandon is NOT happy with Pujols for his slide in the fifth inning last night.

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