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Photoblogging – Marlins vs Reds 8/25/07

Here are some of the photos from the game on Saturday between the Reds and Marlins. I had wonderful seats (thanks eBay)!


I used just a little bit of zoom for this picture, but we were very close to the field.

dunn and hamilton

Dunn and Hamilton get loose prior to the first inning.


Edwin gets loose prior the first inning.


Griffey gets a lead off 3rd.


dunn hr

Dunn goes yard!


Hamilton in the box.

I’ve been to many games and have been seated just about everywhere at GABP, but for some reason these seats were, by far, the best I’ve had. Perhaps the Reds’ 11-7 thumping of the Fish and the Davey Concepcion ceremony beforehand added to the enjoyment of the seats.

Enjoy the pictures!

4 thoughts on “Photoblogging – Marlins vs Reds 8/25/07

  1. Check out the arm angle on EE’s throw to first. I’ve said all along that his throwing errors are in part due to terrible throwing mechanics and that he slings the ball with a 3/4 motion. Looks pretty evident from Chris’ photo of him just warming up.

  2. Good point, Tom. That’s what I thought looking at the photo, but I don’t know enough about the throwing mechanics that position players should have. It just looks like his throw is all arm – no body involvement in directing/controlling the force and direction of the throw.

  3. To have a more accurate throw, his arm angle should be closer to 12-6. His arm angle is closer to 2-8 which will cause his throws to sail and be less accurate.

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