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Don’t look now…

Don’t look now, but…

Our beloved Redlegs are 6.5 games out of first this morning.

Everyone in the National League Central is taking today off.

With a doubleheader tomorrow, if things go very well, the Reds could conceivably be five games out of first after tomorrow’s games.

Wow. I’m not ready for football season just yet…

5 thoughts on “Don’t look now…

  1. I still think we need another 6 game win streak some time in the next 3 weeks to have a real shot, while winning 4 games a week in the meantime. Even then it’s iffy. To do that, we need some guys pitching out of their heinies at the back of the rotation. So who gives us the best odds at doing that? IMO, Bailey (who’s well rested–rusted?), Lizard, and Belisle. Hopefully the brass learned their lesson about phoning in the last month–that sickened me. That reactionary mentality—prolonging the firing of Narron, keeping Stanton on the club–can kill you in a tight race. I want to see all hands on deck, DEFCON 1, starting September 1.

  2. Off topic, but this is a good line, candidate for the quotation rotation (if it fits.)

    Florida manager Fredi Gonzalez said he heard former Reds manager Sparky Anderson say this at a banquet shortly after Anderson was inducted into the Hall of Fame: “I had Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Pete Rose, Davey Concepcion, George Foster, Joe Morgan and Ken Griffey Sr. If I had had better players, I would have made the Hall of Fame a lot sooner.”

  3. Everything is going right – but this is baseball. Everything can go wrong too. I’m trying to stay on an even keep, and hope they continue to win two out of three, but that’s a tough feat when you’re really not better than the teams you play.

  4. Lizardmand and Arroyo i like the chances of a sweep.
    Brewers over cubs and wammo 5 games.

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