Was yesterday the last time we’ll see Adam Dunn hit a walkoff homer to win a game for the Reds? Maybe, since the Reds seem intent on ridding themselves of the best offensive player they have.

But I hope not.

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  1. Chris W

    I like how just before he hit it, Chris and Thom were semi-bashing Dunn over his numerous K’s on the night and the fact that he only got the ball out of the infield once. He ended up getting out of the infield twice!

    I’d love to see one of those this weekend!

  2. GregD

    I’ve not heard the Reds say that they will be “ridding themselves” of Dunn this offseason. I’ve heard numerous people with a microphone trying to convince fans that this is what the Reds should do.

  3. Kerm

    I think that is why Castellini was smart to defer comment on Dunn. Because he is so polarizing, anything the Reds brass could have said would have been taken negatively

  4. Kerm

    Also I personally would like to keep him unless they are planning on moving up both Bruce and Votto to hopefully help out with the offensive void he would leave

  5. doug

    it was actually Thom bashing Dunn. Chris was going back at Thom asking him why they would try to steal with Phillips because if Dunn hits one out, it won’t matter. Thom came back with the ‘well he has had 5 at bats tonight and only gotten the ball out of the infield once tonight’, then Dunn kills the baseball and the rest is history.

  6. Max

    Best offensive player? What have you been drinking?!?!? To his credit he came through last night, but is generally horrible in clutch situations. Your best offensive players are the ones who come through most consistently when the game is on the line. That’s NOT Adam Dunn….sorry to burst your bubble.

  7. Chad


    And exactly who on the Reds is a better offensive player? Besides Norris Hopper, I mean?

  8. doug

    Clutch is overrated. If these so called ‘non clutch’ guys didn’t drive in 3 runs earlier in the game, the so called ‘clutch’ guys wouldn’t have a chance to be ‘clutch’.

    Still, Griffey, Dunn, Hamilton in that order are the Reds best hitters. Nice little drop off before you get to the Hatteberg and Phillips group.

  9. Bill

    “Clutch situations”…

    Looking at ESPN’s site

    He’s admittedly been bad in what they define as “scoring position”.

    But with “runner’s on”…

    Hamilton 91 AB 1.054 OPS
    Dunn 201 AB .948 OPS

    With runner’s in scoring position with 2 outs..

    Griffey 35 AB 1.013 OPS
    Valentin 27 AB .970
    Dunn 56 AB .871 OPS

    Close & Late

    Hatteburg 60 AB .993
    Valentin 47 AB .862
    Hopper 43 AB .855
    Dunn 65 AB .807

    Doesn’t look too horrible to me.

  10. Y-City Jim

    The Reds will never let Dunn just walk. Krivsky may not be the brightest bulb on the tree but he isn’t that stupid. Offense currently is not a major problem on this club but if they let Dunn go it will soon be one.

  11. Y-City Jim

    On another note, if the Reds were to pull off a sweep of the Marlins then they are within 10 games of .500 ball and maybe only 6 or 7 games out of the lead. It is a stretch but it could be some fun.

  12. Chris W.

    I’ve told myself that if we could somehow get back to within 5 games by the end of the month, we’d have a shot. But then I keep reminding myself that every time I start to get my hopes up, something bad happens. So I’m not getting my hopes up, but hope we can just keep winning series from here on out. 🙄

  13. Jim Kegley

    Adam Dunn is an exciting player, and stirs the blood of true fans whenever he comes to the plate. He is the most prolific home run hitter in the relative few games in Reds history. I live in Portsmouth, and he is the big reason I drive to Cincy for games. By the way, I really dislike Marty as an announcer, and Thom is beginning to echo his Dad’s poor baseball judgement. I think the HOF for Marty ruined the guy. He actually believes he is great. Joe and Waite were my favorites.

  14. GodlyCynic

    I can’t believe with all the statistical evidence we’ve managed to gather over the past year that someone would argue that there is a better offensive player than Dunn on the team. He’s 25% of the offense. How can someone not comprehend how insane that is?

  15. Dave Hoskins

    I’m with you on Marty, Jim. I am really curious about the criteria for the branch of the Hall of Fame he’s in. To me, he has become more and more annoying each year since his “induction”.

  16. Josh

    I love the Big Donkey, and he may be our biggest run producer, but I think he has to go. We have help in the minors to replace from within and we can use the money saved on bullpen help. The pen has over 20 losses this year. If the Reds can cut that number in half they are winners…

    In addition to this, the Reds will most likely not keep Hatteberg around, opting for Joey Votto. If that’s the case, you we need to consider that yes, Jay Bruce will not replace Adam Dunn, but the sum of Bruce and Votto, might equal the loss of Dunn and Hatteberg.

    I hate to see Dunner go, but I think its the only option we have to field a winner next year. I’ll also mention that Eric Milton isn’t on the payroll next year either, so there will be plenty of money to spend this offseason to help the pitching situation.

  17. GodlyCynic

    Spending money on the bullpen is a death sentence. Successful teams run their bullpens on the cheap with rare free agent signings.

    The problem with letting Dunn go is that you’re assuming that Votto + Bruce as rookies could possibly equal Dunn, but that’s not how the formula works. You’re also saying that Votto+Bruce is greater than Dunn and Hatteberg. It also assumes that Griffey will play just as well next year and not either regress or get injured. It also assumes that Brandon Phillips is not a fluke. It assumes that Encarnacion will suddenly get his mind in the game. It assumes that Hamilton will ever be the kind of guy who plays 150 games in a season. Dunn has played 160+ in the last three years. You simply do not find guys like that. Where is that 15 million going to be spent next year? Danys Baez type contracts? That non-existent free agent ace who would just love to play for the Reds?

    The stats were already posted showing that Johan Santana is less valuable than Adam Dunn, so how is losing Dunn and spending 15 million on relief pitching going to make more sense?

  18. Chris

    Amen, GC.

    You forgot, “it assumes that Ryan Freel returns to .380 OBP Land; that Norris Hopper OPSes over 720; and Jeff Keppinger again has a SLG that would rank #8 in the NL.