I see that Rawlings has named the all-time Gold Glove team, and three of our favorites made the cut:

Willie Mays making that over-the-shoulder catch. Brooks Robinson barehanding a bunt. Roberto Clemente unleashing a rifle throw.

Think of the most spectacular fielding plays in baseball history and those spring to mind. They’re also what helped put those greats on the all-time Rawlings Gold Glove team released Wednesday.

Big Red Machine teammates Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan, glove whiz Ozzie Smith and current stars Ken Griffey Jr. and Greg Maddux were picked in the fan voting.

This is fun to look at, but it’s highly suspect. After all, at shortstop, Ozzie Smith edged out runner-up…Derek Jeter. If Derek Jeter is the second best defensive shortstop in baseball history, then I’m in the top ten myself.

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4 Responses

  1. Bill

    No way Chad, I heard you can’t make the throw from the hole.

  2. Chad

    Exactly. I’m just like Derek Jeter.

    Except I’m more handsome.

  3. Bill

    I thought officers of the court were supposed to be honest? 🙂

  4. Sultan of Swaff

    Ozzie Smith has at least 3 of Barry Larkin’s Gold Gloves resting on his mantle. Can anyone give me some range factors for Ozzie’s later years vs. Barry’s?