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73 thoughts on “Game Thread: Braves at Reds — 2007.08.21

  1. If Brandon Phillips had ANY on-base skills whatsoever, he’d be a stud 2B. As it is, he’s a slightly above average 2B.

  2. Dunn has been on base four times tonight. I can’t believe they’d even consider letting him go after this season.

  3. Is it raining? The Weather seems Stormy all of a sudden.

    I hope Weathers doesn’t blow this one, after some good relief innings by the Reds…but I have a bad feeling about it. Weathers is due to blow another one.

  4. My wife is mad, and she’s demanding that I post a clarification: she does not think Jorge Cantu is hot. Bronson Arroyo, maybe; Cantu, definitely not.

  5. A win tonight (or at some point in this series) and I at least have bragging rights at work over winning the season series versus the Braves!

  6. And I’ll have bragging rights over my brother.

    Base on balls, and Frenchy is up with two on. Crap.

  7. Hey, they threw a pitch and Francoeur didn’t swing!

    And the next one was two feet outside, but he swung at that one.

  8. On a night where the starter didn’t get through the fifth inning, the good part of the bullpen comes on and throws shutout ball. Fantastic.

  9. An usher at a game last weekend told us that several members of the Big Red Machine are supposed to be at the game including Pete Rose. It was scheduled for another date but Pete couldn’t be there so Concepcion asked for a date change. Should be a good one.

  10. i heard that they arent ognna let rose come.

    anyways good game.
    horrible pitching but good offense.
    man i like this cantu guy

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