You’re kidding me, Right? is having a Face of the Franchise poll for each MLB team.  Basically, the concept is to vote for who the most popular person is with that current organization, whether it be a player, owner, or GM.  I’m a sucker for some of these polls, but when you have Juan Castro listed as one of your 5 candidates, you have to question either ESPN or your franchise.  I mean c’mon!  JUAN CASTRO???  Isn’t Homer Bailey more a face to this franchise than Juan Castro?  Heck, Brandon Phillips isn’t even a choice!  What about Aaron Harang?  Nope.  (Of course, would you want Harang’s droopy face being the face of the franchise?)

OK, just thought I’d vent a little bit and get that off my chest!


  1. Kerm says:

    Why would you put a late innings defensive replacement player as an option to be the face of the franchise? I believe someone at ESPN goofed up.

  2. Chad says:

    Pretty good indication of the state of Cincinnati Reds baseball.

  3. Y-City Jim says:

    How about Aaron Harang?

    ESPN is a joke. They are like the People magazine of sports.

  4. Daedalus says:

    No, no, you’re wrong – Castro is the perfect choice. He and players like him are the reason the Reds have lost for seven years! He SHOULD be the face of the franchise!

  5. 513Bill says:

    this is ridiculous… shows how much ESPN actually fallows teams in markets other than new york, boston, and california

  6. GodlyCynic says:

    Daedalus’s negativity made me cry.

  7. ChicagoRedsFan says:

    Castro is nothing compared to having Majewski the FACE of the franchise!

  8. Justin says:

    Majewski is not the face he is the Broken Shoulder of the franchise. Billy Bray is the Fractured Finger. Everyotherday Eddie is the Elbow, sorry Juan. The head of the Franchise is David Ross. Ryan Freel is the knee of the franchise but the face is without a doubt. Pedro broken cheek Lopez. No doubt. I voted for Griffey.

  9. Pinski says:

    Token Hispanic – guess EdE and Valentin weren’t good enough

  10. ChicagoRedsFan says:

    Anyone think that Dumatrait gets another start?

  11. GodlyCynic says:

    I think Dumatrait proves the point that ERA and W-L record are incredibly overrated.

  12. willy says:

    castro is horrible and should be released.
    anyone hear about the conine trade?!

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