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Game Thread: Reds @ Cubs 8/14/07

Big series…for the Cubs at least. But no doubt a big pitching matchup….Harang vs Zambrano.

If there’s a more underappreciated pitcher in MLB than Aaron Harang, you’d have to prove it to me.

Enjoy the game, discuss it here.

32 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds @ Cubs 8/14/07

  1. At least Josh Hamilton is starting today. And he’s batting lead-off because that makes sense.

  2. Cincinnati Reds

    Joshua Holt Hamilton, #33, cf
    Jeffrey Scott Keppinger, #27, ss
    George Kenneth Griffey, Jr., #3, RF
    Brandon Emil Phillips, #4, 2b
    Adam Troy Dunn, #44, lf
    Scott Allen Hatteberg, #21, 1b
    Jose Javier Valentín, #17, c
    Edwin Elpidio Encarnacíon, #12, 3b
    Aaron Michael Harang, #39, p

  3. Cubs
    Ryan The Riot
    Jacque Vaughn Jones
    Derrek Lee Smith
    Aramis Manny Ramirez
    Daryl Ward Cleaver
    Mark PonDeRosa
    Matt Henry Murton
    Jason Barbie and Ken-dall
    Carlos Victor Zambrano

  4. In case not everyone has heard yet, David Ross went on the DL with a concussion. The AAA catcher Ryan Jorgensen was called up to be the backup C for a couple weeks.

  5. Say, this Keppa–, Kopuh–, Kapa–, this guy at ss has been hitting a little bit lately.

  6. Encarnacion made a couple nice plays there, including a golden one on a ball hit by Zambrano to end the inning. Carlos was mad. In the next inning, Zambrano faces Edwin and immediately threw nothing but fastballs way inside.

  7. To call Keppinger a hot hitter doesn’t do the term justice.

    Suddenly it’s 4-0 Reds in the fourth. Even Brantley is sounding like a good play-by-play announcer: on Hamilton’s broken bat RBI groundout, “My goodness, that bat is in about 6 different pieces all over the place, but I tell you what, it died a hero.”

  8. Nice hit by Javy. Take advantage of Ross’ absence and learn how to slide properly.


  9. Always good to answer the opponent’s rally with a run or two of your own. That’s something the Reds seem to have done rarely this forgettable year.

  10. Was George Grande broadcasting when Abner Doubleday first fot the game started? His stories sure contain a lot of dead ballplayers.

  11. Actually I may be off on that. Was Kendall traded after Oakland played San Francisco? If so, it is:

    .339 BA and .414 OBP with the Cubs

  12. Replaying the Zambrano HR off Harang in April. Imagine how mad Zambrano would be if Harang hit one off him. They would have to bring out a strait jacket!

  13. I like odd games like this. To this point the Cubs have a .000 BABIP for the game. They also have yet to have anyone actually on the bases.

  14. Called third strike to Keppinger three inches outside, confirmed by the pitch tracker.

  15. Followed by a swinging third strike by Griffey, and a first-pitch flyout by Phillips. Reds . . . do not answer again. Despite having the bases loaded and no out.

    6-4 Reds in mid-eighth.

  16. Interesting tidbits on Zambrano’s outing: 13 hits allowed, that’s the most he’s ever allowed in a game. And a strikeout pitcher facing a strikeout lineup registered exactly zero K’s tonight.

  17. I just want to say that I’m encouraged that Burton entered the game in a straight switch. Dunn did not come out for Hopper, Encarnacion did not come out for . . . uh, the Reds have no spare infielders besides 1b Conine. Wow.

    They should put Gonzalez right back on the bereavement list if he can’t be with the team, because that’s tempting fate right there. Call up Herr or Cantu or somebody.

  18. Derrek Lee cuts the lead to 1. 6-5 and Weathers is coming in to stop the bleeding in the eighth . . . and Griffey is double-switched out of the game? That’s new.

  19. Thank God the Reds pulled this one out. The Cubs had no business losing this by just one run.

  20. Yikes. That was scary, but Weathers hangs on to get two deep flyball outs and save Harang’s 12th winning decision.

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