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Game Thread: Padres at Reds — 2007.08.12

It’s Sunday afternoon, and today’s game has the makings of a good ol’ good one, as Marty might say. Bronson Arroyo vs. Jake Peavy and the Padres. A win means the Reds will have won three straight series’ after the debacle in Washington.

Enjoy the roller coaster ride, and discuss it here.

56 thoughts on “Game Thread: Padres at Reds — 2007.08.12

  1. Just to answer GC at comment25, here’s an ESPN page on 2007 park factors. I don’t see anything in there that explains Hatteberg’s split stats, though.

  2. Thanks, DA. I’d say that Hatteberg’s splits must be a fluke, except he had similar splits last year. How very odd.

  3. Anyone else remember all that b.s. about “as soon as we get Guardado, Majewski, and Bray back, the bullpen will be much improved”?

    I feel like I started reading that in May, and it didn’t stop until – well, until we got those guys back and everybody remembered what they were like.

  4. We better not see another freakin’ Ellison & Hopper infected lineup on Tuesday.

  5. Cueto was lights out again today as was Coutlangus.

    Votto 2 -4 with a 2-run HR
    Bruce 1 -2 with 2 BB

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