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10 thoughts on “Moeller to Dodgers

  1. Cash considerations… That sounds worse than a PTBNL… Like, “here’s a quarter I found on the subway, I’ll take Moeller” kind of bad…

  2. I guess it could have been worse. Cash is better then the old batting practice balls

  3. I think this was a great move by Krivsky! Getting anything at all for Moeller is fantastic. Kudos to our venerable GM.

  4. Did we GET cash for Moeller or PAY to get rid of him?

    Maybe Wayne got a couple of Reds/Indians Ohio lottery tickets for him….or maybe the fat guy in the commercial who strikes out.

  5. Whatever we got for him was more than enough. Just to have Moeller gone and unavailable to take up a roster spot was enough for me.

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