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76 thoughts on “Game Thread: Padres at Reds — 2007.08.10

  1. Brandon Phillips is as good as Utley, no doubt in my mind. 😀

    Leadoff double in the 9th.

  2. Majewski’s era went down over a full run tonight, from 15.88 to 14.85. Congrats, Gary!

  3. Terrible two at-bats for EE and AG.

    Valentin has a great history in those situations.

  4. Valentín is on the bench because the Reds are operating with a short bench. He and Keppinger are the last ones left available. Maybe Livingston could come in handy tonight.

  5. Two consecutive scoreless innings from Stanton is a lot to ask . . . careful.

  6. Who were the Reds protecting when they lost Trevor Hoffman in the expansion draft? Tim Pugh? Scott Ruskin? LOL

  7. How about that. On the night where the Reds back themselves into a corner and need innings from Stanton, he shows up with super-effective stuff.

  8. Sounded like it was a civil war in the Bowden front office when it happened.

    This will be a quick bottom of the 10th.

  9. 26 walks in 42 innings for the new Padres pitcher Cameron, and he’s got an ERA below one? There’s a market correction in the offing for this guy.

  10. Thank goodness for mlb gameday when Brantley is on the radio. Otherwise I’d have no idea what was going on.

  11. Interesting listening to Welch’s rationale on why maybe Minnesota gave up on Cameron. Monetary investment in high picks may create unintentional bias. Demonstrates why Oakland can look at players more objectively since they don’t invest major dollars in anyone.

  12. I’ll repeat the very first comment of the night from Chris:

    Not sure Norris Hopper needs to be swinging at the first pitch. Not sure that helps.

  13. Oh, Weathers. 3 straight walks, and the batters didn’t exactly have to fight for them either.

  14. Yuck. Weathers way off tonight; he’s reverting back to the pitcher he always had been.

  15. Gets worse: Santos comes in, first-pitch homerun by Kouzmanoff. 12-7 in the 11th.

  16. two steps forward. One step back.

    At least they showed some fight these last two nights. If the bullpen gets shored up, I can’t not belive they’d compete within this division.

  17. Santos? Nah. Pre-game roster moves will be to send down Bellhorn and Livingston back to AAA and call up Saarloos and Stone.

    On the positive side, Majewski came in to give up a homerun in 1 inning last night and actually LOWERED his ERA.

  18. I had a change in plans today and I’m stuck with two tickets for today’s game (8/11). Right field foul line, 5 rows from the field. Anyone interested?

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