Back home today to face the Dodgers. Bronson Arroyo is pitching, and the Reds made a couple of roster moves prior to the game:

The team optioned left-handed pitcher John Coutlangus to AAA Louisville and placed utility player Ryan Freel on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to last Friday.

Freel is scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery Wednesday to repair torn cartilage in his right knee, and team officials said a prognosis will be made afterward.

To fill their roster spots, the Reds recalled right-hander Gary Majewski from Louisville and reinstated left-handed Eddie Guardado from the 60-day disabled list.

Ugh, Majewski. I think I’m going to vomit.

I’m surprised about Coutlangus, for what it’s worth. I didn’t expect him to be demoted. And why Majewski instead of Bill Bray?

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44 Responses

  1. Eric

    If *we* are asking “Why Coutlangus and not Coffey?” Imagine what they are wondering in the clubhouse…

  2. daedalus

    i would love for the players to start making public comments about this idiocy.

    even the enquirer/post folks are finally on the anti-krivsky wagon.

    with two months left, why did he waste an option on coutlangus? there are no logical answers…

  3. Matt McWax

    Hmm Conine’s 3-18 lifetime against Hendrickson, why exactly is he in the lineup? As I mentioned in the Keppinger thread, I liked starting him at 1st but oh well.

    As I type, Dunn big hit (where they ain’t) but I’ll take it.

  4. ChicagoRedsfan

    Hopefully Coffey and Majewski are former Reds next season. I’ve had enough of both.

  5. DevilsAdvocate

    And the best part is that it gives Bronson a breather on the bench, and then he comes back out and has a quick 9-pitch inning. Still 40 pitches through just two innings.

  6. Chad

    We need a ten run lead, so that Majewski has a chance of holding it when he comes in later.

  7. Matt McWax

    Maybe they’re gonna cut Coffey.

  8. Chad

    Don’t think they’ll cut Coffey. They just signed him to a new contract. Wayne isn’t going to do anything that will admit he made a dumb move.

  9. Matt B.

    Griffey turned his ankle. I hope he’s okay.

  10. Chad

    Oh no, Junior might be hurt. May just be a turned ankle, though.

  11. DevilsAdvocate

    Reds offense looking very sharp recently. They’re doing their level best to get Majewski that 10-run cushion.

  12. ChicagoRedsfan

    Chad, I didn’t realize that about Coffey. Sounds like Coffey and Majewski are his two never-ending “projects”.

  13. Matt McWax

    I (and Krivsky) wouldn’t cut Coffey (1 year removed from a good year). I forgot about the decent contract but he should really be in his prime this year, not giving up .324 average and who knows how ugly the ops against is.

  14. Matt McWax

    3 straight multi-hit games for Incarnation (It took me way too long to spot that obvious translation. I wonder how that became a last name.

  15. DevilsAdvocate

    Well, chalk that up as a big baserunning blunder. Gonzalez picked off first with the bases loaded and two out. Bad.

  16. Chad

    I’m a fan of Coffey, for what it’s worth. But I couldn’t have argued with a demotion.

    And I wouldn’t dump him, either. He’s young, and young pitchers are inconsistent. Plus, he hasn’t pitched that many innings. Bad performances are magnified in a small sample size.

    He’s been pretty bad lately, though.

  17. Chad

    I REALLY dislike Gonzalez. Terrible, Freel-like baserunning screws the Reds out of a bases loaded situation without giving Ross a chance to swing the bat.

  18. DevilsAdvocate

    Actually, that contract doesn’t show up on the redlegnation Salary Chart. Making near-minimum in 2007, Coffey signed a 2008 extension in April for $925k.

  19. DevilsAdvocate

    After a 31 pitch first inning, Arroyo got through the next three innings on 28 pitches combined. Good, since he seems to be pitchcount-sensitive in his subsequent starts.

  20. DevilsAdvocate

    . . . thanks to another error committed behind him. But Arroyo works out of it; good job.

  21. DevilsAdvocate

    Danny Graves turns just 34 years old today.

  22. DevilsAdvocate

    Down in Louisville at the moment, Josh Hamilton and Jorge Cantu are each 2-3. Cantu has been hot since being acquired: .317/.364/.463 as a RiverBat.

  23. Chad

    Well, Arroyo can’t get the loss, but I fully expect the bullpen to blow the win for him.

  24. Jimmy James

    And both of Stanton’s chins.

  25. DevilsAdvocate

    I gotta say, I love Griffey’s nickname for Stanton: “Mr. Incredible.”

  26. DevilsAdvocate

    More like, big body, little legs, and past his prime.

  27. DevilsAdvocate

    What kind of eighth innings was that? It started off in typical fashion – hits for the first two batters – but ended up without any runs scoring. Weird feeling.

    And still a shutout going, 4-0.

  28. Chad

    Can that really be the first time we’ve beaten the Dodgers in more than two years?

  29. DevilsAdvocate

    Welcome to the era of the new unbalanced schedule, Chad. Thank Bud Selig for the fact that a team-vs-team losing streak, between to former bigtime rivals, can now easily last through parts of three seasons.

  30. DevilsAdvocate

    To answer Jared: Jon Coutlangus was claimed off waivers from San Francisco last spring (2006). Former outfielder, converted to pitcher in just 2005.