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Bullpen Shakeup?

John Fay believes the Reds will shake up the bullpen before they play again tomorrow.

It sounds as if a fairly large roster shuffle could happen before Tuesday, when the Reds open a three-game series at Great American Ball Park against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The bullpen likely will be addressed for the 99th or so time this season.

Reds manager Pete Mackanin has not discussed possible moves with general manager Wayne Krivsky at length, as it’s ultimately Krivsky’s call.

“(But) it would be a good idea to think that we’re going to be different,” Mackanin said. “I don’t know anything specific. But we’ve talked briefly about it. There may be changes made, depending upon certain things.”

Right-hander Todd Coffey and left-hander Michael Gosling got beat around in the Reds’ 9-8 win over the Pirates on Saturday. Between the two of them, they faced eight batters and got two outs.

Coffey’s ERA is up to 6.04. He’s given up 11 runs in 9 1/3 innings since the All-Star Break. Gosling’s allowed five runs in his last 61/3 innings.

“I assume we’re going to do something,” Mackanin said. “We’re always trying to improve. Every time you go out, you’re auditioning.”

I’ve been a long time supporter of Coffey, but let’s face it, he’s stunk the place up, for whatever reason. But if they send these two down, who do they bring up? Bray is, in my opinion, an obvious choice. Other names mentioned are Majewski and Guardado (who threw a bullpen in Dayton over the weekend.)


The Reds also might make a move with Ryan Freel. He’s missed the last two games with a sore right knee, the same knee he had surgery on in 2005.

“We might make a move with a position,” Mackanin said.

And who might that be?

If the Reds bring up an outfielder to replace Freel, the hottest hitter at Triple-A is Jay Bruce, the 20-year-old top pick from 2005.

He is hitting .312 with seven home runs and 16 RBI in 26 games with Louisville.

“From what I heard, he’s a pretty good-looking player,” Mackanin said.

If they bring Jay up, I hope he plays in front of Hopper. I’m not anti-Hopper; I like the guy, he plays hard, does what he can do, etc. But there is no point putting Jay on the 40 man roster if he’s coming up to sit on the bench. If they’re looking for an extra OFer to sit in the bench, Chris Dickerson is probably a better choice.

13 thoughts on “Bullpen Shakeup?

  1. Send down Coffey and Gosling, try out Guardado and Bray. Wee need to know if we can expect anything out of Eddie next year. Let’s see Bruce and Votto. Forget the arb clock. Let the kids play!

  2. Guardado threw for Louisville this weekend – I watched him pitch in Richmond yesterday – he was really popping the ball in there in stark comparison to most of the other pitchers who threw. Majewski was throwing pretty hard, too, just down the plate. Bray didn’t get to pitch, but I’d like to see him in a Cincy uniform (with Guardado).

    Bruce was just awesome. Everything about him says ballplayer. Would sure be nice to see him, too in a Cincy uniform.

  3. If Bruce gets the call then he better be starting in CF even if he is another LH bat.

  4. The entire infield bats righty (or can bat righty with Conine.) I don’t think 3 left-handed outfielders is an issue. At this point in this season, it doesn’t matter anyways.

  5. CTR is reporting that starts a rehab assignment in AAA tomorrow.

    Pete Mackanin was saying in multiple places after Saturday’s game that he’s going to talk to Krivsky about a bullpen change. He didn’t get into specifics about who was going which way.

    I don’t want to see Gary Majewski again this year. Guardado is on a rehab assignment that started July 28th, so he seems to be an obvious (or soon to be required) addition. I’m really not anticipating Bray’s return either.

    McBeth would be my choice to replace Coffey, but there’s really no one in AAA making a very strong case. Yet, the front office keeps their currently best AA reliever in AA for nearly two years now. I saw that even Tyler Pelland has been promoted to AAA as a reliever.

  6. And when the ballpark was being built, it was built, so they said, to cater to LH hitters…now it’s a problem.

  7. Did the Reds give Coffey an extension earlier this season? Ick.

    I’d like to see Bray and McBeth back up here.

  8. I can’t see taking Weathers’ job from him since he has been the only glimmer of light for this bullpen (David Weathers: Ray of Hope…that really tells how bad things are)nor do you want Eddie to make appearances with the game on the line just yet. Let him be our 7th and (gasp) 8th inning guy.

  9. The dimensions of Great American and Riverfront are very similar so they didn’t build it very much more accommodating for LH hitters.

  10. Why not send down Stanton. In his last 8ip hes given up 7 runs. I really see no value in mike stanton. I dont want to see him in a reds uniform next year.

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