I went to Monday night’s game in Dayton with my father. The good guys lost 6-1 but I got to see Logan Parker make two great defensive plays, get a couple singles and score the team’s only run. It looks like his power is finally starting to come around. Even if it doesn’t, his baseball IQ is extremely high. His first great defensive play was trailing a runner down to second base on a double. The runner rounded second, seeing both the second baseman and shortstop in front of him, took a big turn. He didn’t see Logan had sneaked in behind him. The shortstop did and they picked him off.

Does anyone else get as irritated as I do when people walk down my aisle in front of me during a pitch or, even worse, in the middle of a play? Major “baseball fan foul.” That’s the downside of the minor league games, though. At least 50% of the people there aren’t there to watch a game.

I meant to get these up sooner. I’m sorry for the delay and I hope you enjoy them:


Jordan Smith warming up before the game. Pitching coach Doug Bair looks on.


Logan Parker on first after his first single.


Thirdbaseman Juan Francisco


Jordan Smith delivering a pitch in the 3rd inning.


The Dragons may have lost but any day at the ballpark with your father is a win in my book.

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7 Responses

  1. willy

    the dragons rock.
    their players are the future reds thats why i enjoy watching them. 😀

  2. Bill

    People come up the steps and then stop to look at the field at the top, which blocks my view of the plate. I know what you mean…last night I yelled at the camera man to get out of the way so I could see the game.

  3. Matt W

    Most annoying of them all are the beer vendors 😎

  4. Chad

    Those guys aren’t the most annoying to Bill.

    Great pictures, Eric. And I definitely agree: any day at the ballpark with your father is a good one. As my son gets older (he just turned three), he joins the equation, too.

  5. Tampa Red

    Disclaimer: after a knee injury, I moved from C to 1B my senior year of HS.

    That’s what the 1B is SUPPOSED to do on the play. On an extra base hit, the 1B follows the runner to second as the SS and 2B are in position as cutoffs.

    I don’t doubt Logan’s baseball IQ.

  6. Eric

    -Tampa Red-

    I know that. But I don’t know how many times I don’t see the first baseman actually do it. Or he’ll go halfway inbetween. That’s all.

    He understood the value of actually being where he was supposed to be.

  7. Steve M


    That’s a good point, and one that I missed. Thanks.