So, is anything going to happen?

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46 Responses

  1. Chris

    I may get attacked for this comment, but I think if anybody is willing to take Freel, we need to deal him.

  2. RagTag

    I don’t think you’ll get attacked. I wouldn’t have any problem whatsoever with trading Freel. I like the guy, but he shouldn’t be untradeable.

  3. Chris

    There’s no doubt he makes great plays in the OF and he’s extremely versatile, but when a guy like that can’t be your leadoff hitter, I find it very difficult to make him an everyday player. I’ve never agreed he’s an everyday player, but as long as he’s on this roster and they pay him $3 mil a year, the Reds will continue to flirt with the idea that he can play everyday.

  4. Matt W

    I was in a bar watching the pre game on Sunday so there was no sound to the telecast. They had Rosencrans on and he was talking about Hatte and Phillips to LA for Loney (?)
    Has anyone else heard anything about this or did I have one too many early afternoon beers?

  5. preach

    With Cantu, Keppinger, and Hopper on your bench already you better be prepared to deal Farney if the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, I don’t think you will receive as much for him as this town thinks he’s worth. Cinci is still in love with Pete Rose (the player) and Freel plays in the dirt like Charlie the Hustler did. Therefore he might be overvalued. He is still a very versatile bench player who can steal some bases, so he shouldn’t have a problem getting a job, but we may not get in return what people think we should. Maybe we could get more if we packaged him with say a Conine or Hatteburg to a team that needs some depth.

  6. Bogey

    Harang is the only untouchable on this team. Everybody else is fair game if the price is right. Some even if the price isn’t right.

  7. ChicagoRedsFan

    I wouldn’t be shocked to see a couple of trades at the last second.

    Krivsky plays it very close to the vest and when he was discussing the Lohse deal he implied that he preferred to wait until the last day to make any potential trade(s). (Krivsky commented that he didn’t wait until today to trade Lohse because he was today’s scheduled starter, thus implying his preference to wait until the last second.)

  8. Matt B.

    Matt W – A fan suggested that trade, and Rosecrans shot it down as ridiculous.

  9. Chris

    I agree with the other Chris. He even sounds like me. Smart guy. 😀

  10. Chris

    Just read that Daugherty article. Now he’s starting in with the cheap shots about Dunn being lazy or something. He talks a lot about clubhouse chemistry – wonder how often he’s down there.

    Then he makes this point: But you don’t eat Belgian chocolates and drink Dom Perignon when you’re making $500 a week.

    He misses the point. Huge offensive production isn’t a “luxury,” it’s an essential. A staple. Daugherty has the mindset of a lot of poor people, though — fresh vegetables and lean meat are a “luxury,” so they fill up on cheap potato chips and processed cheese.

  11. Twill815

    Amen Chris. That’s a perfect analogy. Would it be too much to ask for Mr. Daugherty to gives us his suggestions to replace Dunn’s offensive production for less than $13M a year?

    This has nothing to do with the Reds or the trade deadline….but, i highly suggest reading Joe Posnanski’s blog today. For you stat buffs out there the post is all about neutral wins and losses for pitchers. Poz’s blog was linked to a couple of weeks ago here at redlegnation and i was very pleased to see that. He, in my humble opinion, is the best baseball writer around.

  12. RagTag

    And I agree about Posnanski. He’s great.

  13. RedsFanInMd

    I would say Harang and Phillips are untouchable. Everybody else could go for the right price, though I don’t think they would ever trade Griffey.

  14. Y-City Jim

    If a GM followed Daugherty’s line of thinking then we become like Pittsburgh and Kansas City.

    This organization can support a bigger payroll but you have to put a winning ball club on the field.

  15. Kevin

    I think Conine is a good trade to make. He hasn’t been that valuable, as far as I’m concerned, and I think Joey Votta has appeared pretty well ready for the big leagues (although, so did Bibbles (Homer Bailey).

  16. Matt B.

    Braves called about Arroyo two weeks ago and were told he wasn’t on the market. I’m not sure why the Reds wouldn’t at least see what they can get for him. The ESPN guys think he might be moved.

  17. ChicagoRedsFan

    Guess who’s back?!? Elizardo Ramirez, aka EZ…who isn’t excited?! 😀

  18. Daedalus

    I just have to spread this everywhere because I am so excited – I talked to C. Trent about an hour ago and he said that Dunn and Arroyo were still on the team, but we still have an hour and a half!

    And by talking to C. Trent, I meant face to face. As in the Reds hotel, where I was having lunch. And seeing the Reds. And getting the autographs until the hotel lady told me to stop. And running into Ken Griffey, Jr. and his family as I was leaving.


  19. ChicagoRedsFan

    Just 45 minutes left…think Krivsky is holding out for an extra bucket of balls for Conine?

  20. Y-City Jim

    Elizardo Ramirez?

    Are you kidding?

  21. Matt B.

    I will not understand Krivsky at all if Conine and/or Hatteberg are not moved.

  22. Josh

    Heard rumors that the Braves are trying hard to get Arroyo. Last I heard it was JoJo Reyes.

  23. ChicagoRedsFan

    I hope Krivsky’s cell phone battery hasn’t died…

  24. Josh

    Now i’ve heard JoJo Reyes and Yunel Escobar for Arroyo. Some of the ESPN guys think that would be a great trade for the Reds. Not sure myself.

  25. RedsFanInMd

    Hatteberg and Conine will clear waivers so the Reds still have another month to deal them.

  26. DevilsAdvocate

    Hurrah for Elizardo! I’m excited!

  27. Y-City Jim

    ESPN guys want Atlanta do get the good end of the deal. They come off as big market biased.

  28. james

    The Reds front office phones must of been broken.

  29. ChicagoRedsFan

    Who needs trades? EZ is back! I bet Krivsky called up EZ and took the rest of the day off.

  30. ChicagoRedsFan

    …and they called up Mark Bellhorn! Watch out Brew Crew! 😀

  31. Matt B.

    I’m so beyond frustrated with Krivksy and Castellini. Castellini says he wants the fans to be happy and wants to be a contender, but this is just ridiculous. I understand not wanting to trade Dunn or Griffey. But, why not trade Hatteberg, Conine, or Weathers? These guys are at the end of their careers, but there clearly is still a market for them. Take a chance on a prospect you like and maybe you get a steal of a deal. To the fans, the organization is coming off as apathetic and doesn’t seem to really care if they improve or not. I’m just so frustrated with this team not being able to field a winner.

  32. ChicagoRedsFan

    I agree with Matt. Seems pretty ridiculous that they couldn’t pull off a trade for Conine, at the very least.

    Instead Krivsky spent today bringing up Elizardo Ramirez and Mark “freakin'” Bellhorn! By the way, this is somewhat disturbing:

  33. DevilsAdvocate

    Weathers will be a type A free agent after the season, and thusly worth a couple draftpicks. Hatteberg might be worth a sandwich pick, but I doubt any more than that with his platoon-player number of at-bats. There’s no excuse for not trading one or both of the 1st-base duo of Conine ‘n’ Hatteberg.

  34. preach

    From Yahoo sports:

    As the deadline approaches, the Braves and Rangers continue to digest the medical information on the six players involved in that trade. One source insisted neither deal was in jeopardy, and the delay was simply a matter of exchanging information

    Hhhm, checking the medical reports BEFORE finalizing the deal….That must be more of that crazy ‘monyball’ stuff…

  35. RedsFanInMd

    Relax. A lot of those guys you mentioned will probably be dealt in August. Every one of them will get through waivers.

  36. GregD

    I think this is the first year of a 2-yr deal for Weathers.

  37. Josh

    Hal McCoy said he thinks Krivsky was standing pat because he wants to give Pete Mackanin a chance at managing and the only way to tell if he’ll be worth anything is to give him a “whole” team with which to manage. I think the Reds missed the boat, personally. I don’t want Mackanin next year, as much good as he may do this year. Lets see Tony LaRussa and Walt Jockety…

  38. Twill815

    I think maybe Castellini might have put a hold on Krivsky so he didn’t do much in terms of trades because Krivsky isn’t going to be part of the Reds organization for much longer. Last thing the Reds needs is a copy of “The Trade” last year right before Wayne heads out the door. Just a theory on my part.

    And I agree, still no excuse for both Hatteberg and Conine to still be on this team. Especially with Joey Votto waiting patiently down in Louisville.

  39. Matt B.

    That’s a ridiculous reason, though. If you have an opportunity to get prospects of value, then you take it. I don’t see what harm you do in trading Scott Hatteberg or Conine. At the very least, you free up an opportunity to Joey Votto. At the best, you make room for Votto and get a guy who can help your team in the future. It just does not make sense.

    Sell high on Hatteberg. Like I said, he’s near the end of his career. There is certainly a market for a guy with a great eye, great discipline, and a positive clubhouse presence.

    And the Reds really don’t need Weathers. They are plenty of arms down there who could use the experience. And let’s face it, do we really need a closer this year? It’s not like the Reds are going to be contending anytime soon. If trading Weathers turns the bullpen into disaster, does it really even matter? Get someone in the free agent market. Develop young arms and get more young arms while you can by selling high on Weathers.

    It’s not like trading any of those three would be gutting the team. I can see Krivsky taking that stance if he traded Dunn, Arroyo, or Griffey, but not these guys.

  40. crypticphrasing

    Let’s all remember that trades can still be made. This was just the non-waiver deadline. Hatteberg and Conine are still very viable guys who could be traded after this “first” trade deadline.

  41. reason-n-storm-of-bs

    I agree that Krivsky should have traded Conine and Hatteburg. Loved the Lohse trade.

    Him keeping everyone else, I love. We are not that far from a winner and prospects are a crap shoot.

    I think Krivsky is a great GM, and once we have a winner next year other clubs will be after him. He has made several pheonomenal moves, Phillips, Arroyo, Hamilton, etc. Judgements on “the Trade” are premature. I think Bray will be a stud. Lopez, Kearns, and Wagner are already has-beens.

  42. Matt B.

    Welsh says that a deal trading Dunn to the Nationals was close, but Bowden pulled the plug when the minor leaguers couldn’t be agreed upon. The Reds would’ve gotten Chad Cordero and Ryan Church for Dunn. I don’t like that at all, really, considering the Nationals’ minor league system.

  43. snake

    Maybe the Reds couldn’t get anything better than a sandwich-pick-level player for Hatteberg. If so, then it’s a good non-trade.

    I think Conine will still be dealt. How many times has he been traded after the non-waiver trading deadline in his career? He’s just that special.

    Since Weathers is signed at a reasonable price for next year, I’m glad they didn’t trade him. I don’t really care for him that much but he’s been consistent this year. Our bullpen needs consistency.