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More on “Fay’s Theory”

Well, the Enquirer actually let John Fay publish a little more on his “theory” that we discussed here at Redleg Nation yesterday. It’s no less insane than at first blush. If Fay is correct, and GM Wayne Krivsky is ignoring opportunities to make the Reds better just so Pete Mackanin can get the full-time managerial job, then Krivsky is the biggest idiot baseball has seen in years.

Frankly, I just can’t imagine Krivsky doing something like that. Some of you don’t care for Krivsky, I know, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here. I don’t think he’s the biggest idiot baseball has seen in years. I think he’s an average (at best) GM, but he’s a bright guy. Plus, if he’s going to screw the Reds long-term, he should be doing it to try to save his own job in the short-term, not the interim manager’s job. šŸ™‚

Fay, on the other hand, has gone off his rocker with this “theory.” Unless his purpose was just to stir the pot and create discussion. He’s accomplished that goal. Although the theory makes no logical sense whatsoever.

7 thoughts on “More on “Fay’s Theory”

  1. I’m not sure Fay really goes as far as it seems to Chad, but I agree that Krivsky is too smart to be thinking along the lines Fay alludes.

    First, Krivsky’s going to be in on the damn decision. If he wants Mackanin back, he can bring him back. If the team sucks over the rest of the season due to some blockbuster dump trade, Krivsky can certainly explain the circumstances to Bob Castellini.

    Second, I wouldn’t be making any blockbuster dump trades, either, and I have no secret desire to “give Mackanin a fair shot.” In other words, there are very valid baseball reasons to do just what Krivsky’s doing. Fay needs to remember Occam’s Razor.

    Though as Chad intimated, if columnists or talk show hosts followed Occam’s Razor, they’d be out of jobs.

  2. Fay’s theory is preposterous and illogical. But in his defense, he does say “it’s just a theory.”

  3. Just more proof that John Fay knows nothing about baseball. Seriously, why does he cover the Reds? The guy does not know baseball at all.

  4. If Krivsky makes that Dunn for Cordero and Rauch trade, than yes, he is the biggest idiot baseball has seen in years. Maybe since it was invented.

  5. Since you mentioned it, Daedalus, I can’t imagine that deal.

    How’s that saying go? “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?”

    Seriously, would Krivsky really commit the indignity of again trading away a major component of the offense? to Bowden? for Nationals’ pitching, which is so barren that they had to put AA guys in the starting rotation?

    And for that matter, did the Reds not file an official grievance over the last trade with Bowden? There’s got to be some bad feelings there.

  6. Agreed, DA.

    Trading with Bowden while you have a grievance pending would only tend to weaken your case, I would think.

    It would also be like returning to the same restaurant that gave you food poisoning because this time maybe the pressed duck will be better.

    I was tired of Bowden’s cooking while at home, I’m certainly not going to order out for it.

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