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Game Thread: Cubs at Reds — 2007.07.27

The Fuzzy Cubbies return to Cincinnati tonight to begin a three-game weekend set. Bronson Arroyo is set to pitch, and Shawn has a nice profile of Arroyo over at Redleg Rundown that you should check out.

Rich Hill will start for the Cubs. He’s good. Last time out against Cincinnati, he went seven shutout innings, giving up only three hits.

After the good feelings generated during the Brewers series, let’s hope Arroyo can keep the vibes going. Discuss it here.

39 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cubs at Reds — 2007.07.27

  1. Why Freel against the lefty and not Hopper?

    Freel .121 against lhp in 2007 (1 for 7 against Rich Hill lifetime)
    Hopper .322 against lhp in 2007 (2 for 6, HR against Rich Hill)

    Freel’s .249 lifetime against lefties also. Hopper’s .388 lifetime against lefties.

    So my question is: Is this an oversight by Mackanin or is he deciding against the numbers and going with a gut feeling?

  2. Great American now has the Advanced Gameday equipment installed! Hurrah!

  3. C. Trent on with Marty, reporting that Mackanin says that the upcoming rotation schedule does not include Kyle Lohse. Expect a trade announcement.

  4. Joe is on the radio tonight. Sounds like his voice is going out a little bit in the third – vocal cords not used to the stress anymore, maybe. But good to hear him every once in a while.

  5. Phillips provides an RBI double to tie it up at 1, after three innings. Rich Hill looks like he’s on.

  6. Nice clutch hit by BP. It’s the kind of thing that star players must do consistently, hit against the opposite arm pitcher in a clutch situation. He might become the guy the Reds big money guy eventually.

  7. The Lohse note is tantalizing. The armchair gm horde needs sustenance Wayne! And none of this ptbnl or cash consideration nonsense!

  8. Rich Hill is affected by the rain. Not nearly as successful as he was in the first two innings, where he struck out five.

  9. Would have been nice to seal the deal there but I guess EdE’s done a good share already.

  10. Now it’s Arroyo’s turn to be on. He made Soriano and Lee look bad that inning (though to be fair, he got a couple generous strike calls on Soriano).

    6 IP for Arroyo, 2 hits. 91 pitches so far.

  11. Rich Hill out after 5. And the reliever? Rocky Cherry. Now there’s a baseball name.

  12. Marty says Saarloos was DFA’d today, with Victor Santos replacing him. Am I not up on the lingo or did he mean he was optioned to AAA?? Did they just plain cut him?? He had options, I thought.

  13. I tell you, Keppinger is helping himself at every opportunity. 4-1 Reds on a 2-run double.

  14. Man, Thom sure loves Keppinger. I mean, yeah, he has been great while he has been with the Reds. How long will it last? There’s a reason why he was in the minors at age 27.

  15. Keppinger is finally getting a chance to play every day. He had a good spell with Mets a few years back but then never saw the light of day there again. With KC wasnt given a chance either. Hey he is making his best with what he has.

  16. Rocky Cherry, baseball name, or something much less family friendly.

    Keppinger’s now got full control over Mackanin’s hand in filling out the lineup. If he keeps it up, the Reds will have to make some adjustments in their plans. He’s a perfect fit in the lineup. He has formidable bat speed. Check the clips on mlb.com for examples. EdE does too but Kepp’s is compact, like Molitor.

  17. I still want EdE at 3B but he needs to hit lefties much better. I always thought he’d have lopsided splits towards lefties but it hasn’t turned out that way.

  18. Keppinger is forcing his hand. he is playing to well right now to be taken out of the line up. That is how you get a job in the Majors.

  19. I’m not saying Keppinger is a bad player. And true, you should play the hot bat. I’m just wondering how long it will last. I’d still rather see EE at 3rd. Keppinger could, however, be a very good bat off the bench for this team.

  20. Arroyo goes out for the eighth inning, with 107 pitches. Careful, Mackanin.

  21. The Reds had Tim Hummel who looked real good at the plate briefly but then faded. The difference I think is that Keppinger has been consistently great at AAA, which should mean consistently good in the majors. But he’s the type of guy for whom .280 wouldn’t be good enough. It’d have to be .300.

  22. It would be great to win this one.

    Nice bunt by Castro. I guess he’s useful for something.

  23. It’s one of those games that makes fuzzy the question of how good the Reds are. They get 1 for 11 (1 rbi, no runs) out of Griffey, Phillips, and Dunn but yet they win and with 12 left on base.

  24. Hopper’s got a hit in his last 5 1-at bat games. He’s scored in 4 of them.

  25. From the Rosecrans game summary in the Post:

    Mackanin: “‘…it was good to see Encarnacion hit that moon shot home run and the big hit. I’ve never seen anyone so happy. I was thrilled for him. Hopefully that will get him started because he’s capable of a lot more with the bat.'”

    And, “‘He’s been feeling bad about himself,’ Mackanin said of Encarnacion. ‘I was glad to see him come through.'”

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