It appears that the Angels have given up on their pursuit of Adam Dunn. I find that to be exceedingly good news.

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5 Responses

  1. Matt B.

    That’s not really surprising considering Moreno always backs out of deals where he has to give up prospects. Some Angels fans are still upset with him after not doing anything last year.

  2. Danny F

    I’m agnostic on the question of whether to trade Dunn or Griffey. Seems that we’d be luck to get another year like this out of Griffey, on the other hand, there are the intangibles of having an all-century guy on your roster. Dunn will always be Dunn, and that’s not a bad thing, to be sure.

    But ONE of these guys needs to be moved. Odds are pretty good that Jay Bruce will be ready for showtime by opening day of next year, if not sooner. The Reds could have an OF of Hamilton, Bruce, and someone else for the forseeable future. That ain’t bad. But, sad as it is to say, Griffey or Dunn is going to need to be moved for that to happen.

    It’s a shame they’re not playing softball. That’d be a pretty good 4-man outfield right there.

  3. Sultan of Swaff

    We still have a few days to go. After exploring the alternatives, sometimes plan A doesn’t seem that farfetched, and then the deal gets done. I’d take Santana and a B prospect for him. And no, I wouldn’t rather have Weaver.

  4. Tom

    Hopefully our GM is asking for a lot for Dunn and if so, that ain’t bad. I think by the last day a trade will be made; for now it’s the waiting game. Then in the off-season after Junior has 600 plus homers, he will also go, probably back to Seattle. Then a lot of that money can buy some first rate pitching.

  5. Shawn

    Moreno? I don’t think Stoneman’s made a deal as GM since the president wasn’t named Bush or Clinton. As in, never.