If you saw the game last night, you probably saw the very scary moment when Pedro Lopez was hit in the face by a fastball. It was gruesome, and Redleg Nation wishes Lopez the best:

Shortstop Pedro Lopez left the game on a cart, clutching a towel to his bloodied face after being hit in the face by Brewers reliever Matt Wise in the eighth inning. Lopez was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital where he was expected to undergo scans on his head and face. He will most likely be put on the disabled list before today’s game.

“I ran up there and there was blood spewing out of his mouth but he was still conscious,” Mackanin said. “Dr. (Tim) Kremcheck came in two minutes ago to say he was going into the hospital. It looks like (Lopez) has a broken bone in his face. It looks like it’s more than a bruise. That poor kid. He comes up and he’s so happy to be here and he does such a nice job for us. We’re hoping for the best.”

Frankly, Lopez was lucky. It could have been much, much worse.

Lopez really has no business being on the Reds roster, but since he has been here, he has played hard and has clearly enjoyed the opportunity to play in the majors for a few weeks. We can only hope that everything heals up quickly and that Lopez is back at it very soon.

Lopez’s injury made David Ross’s look positively pedestrian, but losing Ross would likely be more damaging:

Catcher David Ross left the game in the fourth inning after dislocating his right pinky finger sliding into second base following a double. The X-rays on Ross were negative and he is day-to-day. Ross said he is hoping to be back for Friday’s game against the Cubs to catch starter Bronson Arroyo. Ross usually catches Arroyo’s games.

Ross is day-to-day but, then, aren’t we all?

Oh, and with all the injuries last night, Brandon Phillips played shortstop. And played it very well, making a nice play in the ninth inning.

4 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Even with his consistent lack of hitting, Ross is the best choice a catcher.
    I hope Lopez’s injury was not as bad as it looked. I agree, aside from tools with his glove, Lopez really didn’t belong in the bigs, but he was living his dream. I hope he heals up and another shot comes his way.

  2. John

    If Lopez has no business on the Reds roster, Castro needs to hang it up now. At least Lopez was hitting a little bit.

    Folks gotta remember, in all of the Reds’ farm system, Lopez is the guy they called up. So I don’t know about this “doesn’t belong in the bigs” talk. I can say that about half the bullpen and about 1/3 of the starting lineup, so it ain’t like Lopez has pulled a fast one here.

  3. GregD

    Marty & Pete on the pre-game show said that Lopez had a broken bone in his cheek and doctors were yet to determine whether he needed surgery. If he doesn’t, he goes home today.

  4. Glenn

    I certainly did not say that Lopez had “pulled a fast one”. Comparing him to Castro only weakens his case. Mentioning that Lopez was the one the Reds called up from AAA, only goes to show you how weak the farm system is. Where I will agree with you is your statement that half the bullpen doesn’t belong in the bigs. You’re right, they don’t!
    If I were in Lopez’s shoes, I’d do the same thing he’s doing now. Putting his best foot forward and live the dream. That being said, he still doesn’t belong in the bigs.