Over at Reds Minor Leagues, Doug has this good post breaking down the season that last year’s number one pick, Drew Stubbs, has had this year. With graphics!

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  1. Dan

    Very interesting post.

    It prompted me to look up Stubbs on milb.com, and I found a couple things that surprised me…

    Stubbs has been terrible vs. LEFTIES of all things (he bats R)
    .279/.390/.463 vs. RHP
    .232/.329/.288 vs. LHP

    He’s also been terrible on the road:
    .290/.387/.513 at home
    .230/.347/.267 on road

    Any ideas what to make of that?

    Anyone know if Dayton’s home park is a great hitters park?

  2. DevilsAdvocate

    Current minor-league park factors place Dayton as a slight pitcher’s park, but nothing too extreme. It’s kind of like Great American in that it helps homeruns (slightly) but suppresses everything else (again, nothing too extreme).

    However, most of the other parks in Dayton’s Midwest League division appear to be more extreme pitcher’s parks, and look like they are big suppressors of the homerun in particular. As a raw-tool power/strikeout guy like Stubbs was originally billed to be, it would seem that those road parks in their division are hurting his numbers on the road.

  3. doug

    Like DA said, Dayton is playing as a slight hitters park this year, but historically, it is actually a slight pitchers park, supressing hits, doubles, walks and strikeouts. It is slightly above average at allowing HR, but just barely.

  4. MIKE


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  6. MIKE

    drew stubbs is a 270avg guy 20-25 hr 30-40 good defense guy keeping him in loA DOES NOTHING