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Bruce the next Jr?

From the Louisville Courier Journal:

Rick Sweet’s career as a manager launched the same time Ken Griffey Jr. made his minor league debut.

Sweet managed Griffey at the Seattle Mariners’ Single-A affiliate in Bellingham, Wash. Griffey was fresh out of high school in 1987 and didn’t turn 18 until after Bellingham completed its season.


“The only young player at 18-19 that I’ve seen that I would consider maybe a better player than Jay Bruce is Ken Griffey Jr.,” Sweet said. “I had Junior also at the same age. Jay Bruce is close to that category, if not at that category. Time will tell.”

High praise. Let’s hope that Jay can live up to it.

7 thoughts on “Bruce the next Jr?

  1. Wow, that’s encouraging…and if he’s not a baseball guy who really knows how to play the game he might be good trade bait for a fouth catcher, or maybe for an injured reliever or two.

  2. If Bruce can bring the same excitement to the game that Griffey has then the Reds and the baseball world are blessed.

  3. Bruce is a top prospect but Griffey was like a Lebron or Oden in terms of expectations (best of decade type prospect). I’d be happy to see Bruce do 22-80-.300-16sb in a couple years. Griffey did that at 20.

  4. if he’s really that good, does that mean that reds fans already want him traded?

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