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Game Thread: Reds at Metropolitans — 2007.07.13

Game two of the series against the Mets at Shea is tonight, and it seems like a good time for manager Pete Mackanin’s troops to start another winning streak. Aaron Harang is pitching (how many wins were stolen from him in the first half by our bullpen?), and John Maine (the Will Shortz of the National League — how’s that for an obscure reference?) will go for the Mets.

If you get antsy before the game, or during, feel free to check out this exchange our own Bill Lack had with MetsToday.com. It’s worth a read, whether you agree or disagree with his conclusions (I agree with some, disagree with others, for what it’s worth).

Discuss the game here.

15 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Metropolitans — 2007.07.13

  1. Double by Freel, Bunt single by Hopper walk by Griffey….Grand Slam by Phillips!!!!

  2. As poorly as yesterdays game started, this is the inverse and then some. 4-0 after 4 batters, can’t do much better than that.

  3. “Beltran went KC to Houston, lit up the postseason, and ever since it’s been Katie bar the door.” Brantleyism. I have to start cataloguing these things.

  4. I take back what I was just thinking about you, Jeff Brantley.

    He interrupted with a question about what the hell Moeller is doing on a major-league roster.

  5. Mets score one, but Lo Duca grounds into a doubleplay with the bases loaded to end the threat. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy – heart and soul, my *#$.

  6. …the Will Shortz of the National League…

    The crossword guy? By coincidence I just watched “Wordplay” recently. It featured several well-known people commenting on the NYT crossword, including Mike Mussina. Does Maine like to do those too? Or is he an enigmatologist like Shortz?

  7. I’m glad not to be listening to Brantley today, but I’m being subjected to Keith Hernandez instead.

  8. Tom Seaver sighting in the Mets booth. Of course, he just wandered into the booth and started talking to Hernandez without a mic as if it hadn’t occurred to him that there was a game in progress.

  9. Scientific discovery for tonight: the ability to hit in Shea Stadium is not hereditary.

  10. lol I like that. Harang due up 3rd in T7 I am thinking his night is done. Bullpen is amply warmed up with Coutlangus and Burton ready.

  11. How easy was the ground ball dropped for an error? Has he made an error on a difficult play at all?

  12. If Milwaukee doesn’t come back then the Reds are just 12.5 games back.

    Train kept rolling all night long!!!

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