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Rumor: Jay Bruce headed to AAA

I just was emailed that Jay Bruce is headed to AAA. I don’t know when or how soon and haven’t verified this yet, but it’s something I was told and thought I’d pass it on.

UPDATE: My source said he assumed it was effective today, but I haven’t been able to confirm it with anyone else yet.

UPDATE II: As Doug said in the comments, it’s official.

Following the game, Bruce was promoted to Triple-A Louisville to help plug short-term concerns with the Bats. Earlier this week, shortstop Paul Janish was called up to Louisville.

Lookouts manager Jayhawk Owens expects Bruce and Janish, two of Cincinnati’s top 10 prospects, back within a week.

UPDATE III: (7/13) From the Enquirer:

The Reds sent top prospect Jay Bruce to Triple-A Louisville.

It’s likely to be a temporary move. Dewayne Wise is on the DL with a hamstring injury.

What happens if Bruce is hitting .400 when Wise is healthy?

“We’ll have a decision to make,” player development director Terry Reynolds said.

21 thoughts on “Rumor: Jay Bruce headed to AAA

  1. I want him to get some ABs in the MLB sometime before the season is over

  2. This move indicates that he will get a September callup, with a chance for meaningful at bats if any of our outfielders are traded. He would really have to suck for it not to happen.

  3. This move – if made – may also indicate that a trade of a major-league outfielder is near at hand, opening a vacancy that will need to be filled sooner rather than later.

  4. Bill….

    Wow. Im not sure how I feel about this really. The kid has unreal talent, I have no doubt about that. I am just curious as to whether they beleive he is actually ready for AAA vs they need him soon.

  5. Yes, it was a small sample size, but he really didn’t seem to have any trouble with AA pitching. As risk averse as Krivsky has been about player promotions and jumping levels, I seriously doubt they’d jeopardize his future because of a perceived need.

    Something I’ve been wondering a while, but haven’t posted my thoughts. At some point, does a minor leaguer “get it” put all their skills & talent together such that they could hit (or pitch) in the majors if given a chance.

    We’ve seen the #1 overall picks like Griffey and A-Rod ging seemingly straight from high school to the majors. But Josh Hamilton this year going from A-ball, to 5 years out of baseball, to major league starter is what really got me thinking about this. Is the talent there for others to skip levels like that if given the opportunity?

    The year Dunn broke through…he skipped high-A, started in AA and played over a third of a year in Cincinnati.

    When we see the rapid promotion, we see it more often with the 1st round college draftees like Ryan Zimmerman or Tim Lincecum. But I think that there are some high school kids who are just as talented, that can and should make a rapid progression through an organization. I think we may be witnessing that with Bruce.

  6. Oh, I don’t think Jay isn’t ready for AAA. I think he will handle himself just fine there, I was just under the idea from things I had read all year that Jay Bruce was on the ‘Homer Bailey’ plan of half a season in Sarasota and half a season in Chattanooga.

    I don’t think a promotion to AAA will hurt Jays future at all, just that maybe they are making the move sooner than they had planned becuase of how chips are falling in Cincinnati.

  7. Yeah, I think this probably has more to do with getting him ready for the big leagues after a trade of a staring outfielder.

  8. This is pretty interesting. I know we were discussing “adjustments” the other day, and wondering how Jay would react to the league reacting to him. I guess that gets short-circuited.

    There’s no reason he can’t do that at the AAA level, but it’s definitely a break from precedent in the Krivsky era.

    GregD, I’ve been interested in that point you made. A couple weeks ago, Will Carroll alluded to an article (and now I can’t find it) that apparently said that – at least with pitchers – once a guy can contribute to the big league team, he should be promoted and asked to do so. I’m guessing it has something to do with injury rates and the fact that many pitchers actually peak at 22-24, not 27-28.

  9. It is official.

    From the Chattanooga Times Free Press today.

    Following the game, Bruce was promoted to Triple-A Louisville to help plug short-term concerns with the Bats. Earlier this week, shortstop Paul Janish was called up to Louisville.

    Lookouts manager Jayhawk Owens expects Bruce and Janish, two of Cincinnati’s top 10 prospects, back within a week.

  10. If they were going to move someone for a week, I wouldn’t think it would be Bruce…do you?

  11. Im with you Bill…. I said on my site that I think if he hits, which I expect him to do, that I would bet he stays there.

  12. off subject…but for those Reds fans that don’t live in the greater cincinnati area (like myself) Directv is showing a free preview of the extra innings package starting today…i’m assuming that goes for all other cable companies as well (time warner, comcast, etc.) it goes through the 18th

  13. Greg, I think the holdup for a lot of young guys is that they just aren’t physically ready to play major league ball. The NFL requires guys to be at least (uh, what is it, 2 years?) removed from high school because they aren’t big enough. Guys just coming out of high school are still growing.

  14. no reason they shouldn’t keep him there, but when dewayne wise comes back, he’ll be gone. once again, wise is taking up a roster spot someone better should have. 🙄

  15. I’m not sure about the “physically ready” thing, Justin. Have you seen Jay Bruce? He’s as big as anybody.

    Or more to the point, think about David Eckstein – he still doen’t look “ready,” from a physical standpoint.

  16. Decent debut so far.

    1-3 with a HR. one of his outs was a line drive to the right fielder.

    Oh, and he just gunned a runner out at home plate to end the 6th inning.

  17. I went to the Bats game last night and Jay looked good. His HR was a shot and his gun was awesome. He also had a nice shot to the rightfielder, a groundout, and a strikeout. All in all it was a very nice debut. Janish looked alright. He had 1 walk, 1 bloop hit, but had an error. Homer looked terrible though. He couldn’t locate his fastball and that was basically all he threw the entire game.

  18. Chris — I’m not saying Jay Bruce (or anyone specifically) isn’t ready. But high school grads in general, a lot of them aren’t going to be.

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