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The Redleg Nation Radio podcast: Episode 1

Finally, we’re on the air. So to speak.


Right-click here to download Episode 1 of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast (or click on the player above to listen as you read this). In this inaugural podcast, we have an interview with our newest Spotlight Player, Thomas Pauly. Check out Pauly’s Spotlight Player page here. It’s a fascinating interview, and I really think you’ll enjoy it.

If you want to subscribe to the podcast feed, you can do that here:

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Please chip in via email, or in the comments here, with suggestions about the podcast. It’s a work in progress, and this is just the first attempt, so please be gentle.

3 thoughts on “The Redleg Nation Radio podcast: Episode 1

  1. Great interview! Very poignant, direct, relevant questions. I appreciate the interview. I’ve been a Pauly fan since seeing him in person at Potomac. I appreciate the interview filling in the holes of information regarding his injuries.

    Thomas – I’m still pulling for you! I check the box scores often to see how you’re doing. Keep at it !! Best of luck.

    alan in maryland

  2. I’ve followed Thomas since high school and I can assure you he’s being very modest! I wondered what was happening when he disappeared from team rosters and am amazed to hear all that’s happened. I’m very happy for him to see he’s back on track and all of us in Jax wish him the best. I’ll keep the Jacksonville Vikings baseball team up to speed on his career. Obviously a great interview!

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