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Down on the Farm

Sorry we missed DOTF yesterday. Guess I was taking an All-Star break, too. Today should be easy, though.

The AAA All-Star Game is happening tonight, in Albuquerque. Guess who won the AAA Home Run Derby? Our old buddy Rob Stratton, who isn’t even playing anymore.

As we mentioned earlier, Reds farmhands Joey Votto, Jeff Keppinger, and Phil Dumatrait were selected for the All-Star team. Keppinger won’t be playing, I imagine, but he probably won’t complain; he’s a major leaguer now, having been just called up to the Reds last weekend.

I’m not sure how to link to it, but on this page you can find minorleaguebaseball.com’s interview with Joey Votto.

For what it’s worth, the AA Eastern League All-Star Game also takes place tonight.

One thought on “Down on the Farm

  1. Highlighting the Eastern League All-Star Game? That’s charitable of you. I think the last Reds minor-league affiliate in the EL might have been the good old days of the Vermont Reds, 1984-88.

    The Southern League already had their All-Star Game, though not much to report. Chattanoogan representatives: Carlos Fisher pitched a scoreless inning, and Drew Anderson played the entire game but tragically went 0-5.

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