Adam Greenberg and Will Carroll


Couple of items for a slow Friday morning:

–I’ve been meaning to link to this for weeks. It’s the heart-breaking story of Adam Greenberg, a Dodgers farmhand who is trying to make it back to the majors. His previous tenure in the big leagues lasted all of one pitch. Go read it, then join me in rooting for Greenberg to get back to The Show. (Tip of the cap to The Good Ol’ Blog.)

–Here at Redleg Nation, we’re big fans of Will Carroll (although I recognize a difference of opinion on that point). Here is one point on which Carroll and I agree completely. I have to have one of these.


  1. Y-City Jim says:

    The Flash plugin is coming and the multitouch function is rumored to be coming to the Macs in October.

  2. rickNmd says:

    Okay, I agree with Will Carroll on this–I gotta get one of these iPhones. I’m waiting until another generation, however, when all the upgrades, fixes and what-not are included.

    What do you mean about multitouch function coming to Macs????

  3. Bill says:

    The only drawback, as far as I can tell, is that it’s limited to only one carrier.

  4. DevilsAdvocate says:

    It appears that Greenberg did not stay long with the Dodgers, and has this year been playing for AA Wichita in the Kansas City farm system. Like the walks, not so much the batting average.

  5. rickNmd says:

    Apple has a 5-year contract with AT&T so that’s not changing soon. The “Edge” network is not nearly as good as Verizon’s–I have AT&T Blackberry now–or as fast for data, but supposedly thatis changing this fall. The real advantage of AT&T is fr international travel.

    They have that GSM network, so when you go abroad you don’t have to buy a disposable phone for cell service. There’s a download you go through from AT&T, punch a few buttons and viola.

    But there are some roaming changes. Still, it’s a helluva convenience. Apple was thinking global, not domestic, on sales of the iPhone by going with AT&T, I guess.

  6. rickNmd says:

    I meant voila, not Frank Viola.

  7. Chris says:

    One thing that minimizes the EDGE problem (per the one guy in my office who has one so far) is the WiFi capability. When he’s in our office building, for example, his phone automatically switches to the WiFi. I know it’s not really the point, but considering the prevalence of WiFi, it reduces the problem.

    I really want one of those toys, but have no means of justifying it.

  8. Y-City Jim says:

    Multi-Touch coming to MacBooks
    “New, slimmer MacBooks [are] coming in October… made from new materials [along with] iPhone’s multi-touch technology,” Josh Goldman reports for CrunchGear.

    “The feature will be built into the touchpads, allowing you to navigate through your notebook’s files, applications, etc. the same way you can on the iPhone,” Goldman repots.

  9. Y-City Jim says:

    Multi-Touch mouse
    “Apple today was shown to have filed a US patent that may point towards the future of its desktop mice. Originally submitted in March 2006, the patent would use a variant of the multi-touch concept behind the iPhone and apply it to a hand controller. An optical sensor built inside the mouse would map the surface and recognize contact from the user’s hand based on changes in the image. Information would then be translated to a flat grid in software that the computer can use to recognize the user’s intent, the patent says,” Electronista reports.

    “Apple does not give clues as to whether or not it will implement the technology in a shipping mouse but notes that the patent favors unibody mice such as the Apple Mouse and the Mighty Mouse, which include seamless surfaces on the inside and out that are well-suited to image sensors,” Electronista reports.

  10. rickNmd says:

    Thanks, Jim. But that technology would immediately ruin my pleasure in throwing that mouse. Damn.

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