Redleg Nation is pleased to name Ken Griffey, Jr., our RN Player of the Month for June. This is the second consecutive month that Junior has won the award.

In June, Griffey continued his hot hitting, slugging 10 HR with 19 RBI, and posting solid rate statistics as well: .290 batting average, .367 on-base percentage, and a jaw-dropping .645 slugging percentage. He led the Reds in HR and SLG, and tied with Adam Dunn for the team lead in RBI.

To cap it off, Junior returned to his familiar spot as a starter in the All-Star Game.

Congratulations to Ken Griffey, Jr., who won over a pretty good selection of Reds who had a decent June:

Aaron Harang: 5 G 2-0 32.2 IP 26 H 32 K 1.10 WHIP 2.76 ERA
Adam Dunn: 26G .287/.352/.617 16R 19 RBI 4D 9 HR 58 TB
Josh Hamilton: 23G .293/.411/.560 13R 10 RBI 5 D 5 HR 42 TB
David Weathers: 12 G 15.2IP 9 H 3R 3ER (2 HR) 9K .77 WHIP 1.72 ERA

April 2007 Player of the Month: Josh Hamilton
May 2007 Player of the Month: Ken Griffey, Jr.

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17 Responses

  1. Sultan of Swaff

    The deeper we get into the season with Hobbs playing well will only embolden Kriv to unload Dunn and Griff……..not that one of them wasn’t headed out the door anyway.

  2. Y-City Jim

    They can’t afford to trade both. There isn’t the depth in the outfield.

  3. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    You’re right, Jim, one of the two has to stay. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure Krivsky is going to move the wrong guy.

  4. Jeff

    I don’t think Jr. will be traded until he hits #600

  5. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    I don’t think Jr. will be traded until he hits #600

    Well, he won’t hit 600 until after the non-waiver deadline, so he won’t be traded. Instead Krivsky will dump the guy that’s 10 years younger with no injury history and who has averaged 42HR and 111BBs over the last 3 seasons for 2 broken-down middle relievers and some fungo bats. And when we score even less runs with absolutely no impact on run prevention (yet again), all the Dunn bashers will suddenly realize how valuable that kind of production was – too late.

  6. GregD

    And that’s the heart of the issue. What are team’s offering and what will Krivsky accept for Dunn. It was the same thing last year with me on The Trade. I wasn’t upset that they traded Austin Kearns, but upset at the pile of poo they received in return. If that’s the kind of haul Krivsky can expect, then keep Dunn.

  7. doug

    If Dunn is going to be asking for a 5 year contract of 15 million dollars or more, and why wouldnt he because someone surely will pay him that, then the Reds should trade him while they can. The Reds cant afford to pay him that much given his defensive liabilities.

    I don’t have a problem with anything Dunn does at the plate, but his overall game is not worth that type of money and someone is going to pay him that type of money.

    I just hope that when they do trade him, becuase I truly believe its going to happen, they we dont end up just giving him away.

  8. Eric


    Why do we NEED to trade him? We pick up his option for ’08 and when/if he walks, we get 2 extra first round picks for it.

    Those extra first round picks have a lot of value.

  9. Jeff

    That’s exactly my point PRP. Jr. isn’t going anywhere this year.

    Now for Dunn I couldn’t care less either way. Last week he was 4-23 hitting .174 with 3 home runs 6 rbis and 5 runs. 75% of the his hits were home runs, too bad he doesn’t have as many hits as Ichiro I guess.

  10. Justin

    Dunn can be traded for top level prospects that is fine. I would certainly be in favour for that. Dunn if he traded becomes a free agent as he will opt of our next years contract. The question is is he worth 15-16 mill over the next 5 years or so? I am very inclined to say no if I was a national league team but yes if I was an AL team.

  11. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    Dunn will not be traded for top level prospects at the deadline. You aren’t going to get that kind of return for a rent-a-player.

    If the FO determines that Dunn doesn’t fit into their long-term plans, the best move is to pick up his option for 2008. It’s true he gets a no-trade until June 15 and then can limit trade options to 10 teams. But is that really such a limitation? No-trades have been negotiated around before. Even if you have to wait until next June to move him, his list is going to include all the desirable trading partners anyway. And as Eric says, worst case is that you get him for market value in 2008 and get draft picks after the season.

  12. doug

    Well, I think getting higher level prospects, or even 1 higher level prospect that we know a lot more about is more valuable than a #19 pick and a #40 pick in the draft more often than not.

  13. al

    that’s an interesting question doug, but i wouldn’t be so sure. i just read an article about how billy beane actually trades for rent a players just to get the draft picks.

    a lot of time the first round pick instantly becomes one of the organization’s top 10 prospects. what about brandon claussen? he was a well regarded prospect and he’s out of the game now. it would be a cool study for someone to do.

  14. Justin

    Claussen is wallowing with the Nationals Organisation after blowing out his arm yet again. He was a highly regarded player in the Yankees system and was rather a shock that they parted with him at the time of the Aaron Boone trade. That is what I remeber it as. But BC never got it going, a truely awful injury prevented him from being what he could be, an effective pitcher.

  15. GregD

    The closer you get to July 31 and the more money you are willing to spend with the player, the more you will get in return. There are certainly teams who have surrendered good prospects at the trade deadline for rent-a-players. Doesn’t mean teams will or won’t offer that for Dunn, but he’s got to be one amongst the top rent-a-players out there.

    I agree that neither the June 15 date nor the 10-team limit will hamper the Reds ability to deal. It prevents them from trading Dunn in the offseason. That is about it. I’d assume that most of the 10 teams on Dunn’s list would be contenders, and that’s who’d be buying anyways. And like PRP said, if there’s a team not on Dunn’s list, those issues have and can be negotiated.

  16. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan


    My understanding is that Dunn’s no-trade can be waived by Adam. That sort of thing has happened before – the right team, a long-term deal from the buyer – so I don’t see any reason that Dunn couldn’t be traded in the off-season so long as all the parties buy in.

  17. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    Not sure where to stick this (and no smart respones either :grin:), but Fay is reporting Freel (and presumably Farney) is back and Moeller has been DFA’d.