It’s Independence Day Eve!

Okay, that’s not really worth celebrating, but the Reds have been freed from the Jerry Narron era — whether that’s good or bad, I’ll let you decide. The Pete Mackanin era begins tonight against Barry Bonds and the visiting San Francisco Giants.

It’s a good matchup to begin the series:

The Reds, who have lost six consecutive three-game series, are set to open another three-game set when they host the Giants on Tuesday night at Great American Ball Park.

The series will give Reds fans a chance to see Giants outfielder Barry Bonds, who is five home runs away from tying Hank Aaron’s all-time career home run record of 755.

Bonds and Reds outfielder Ken Griffey Jr., who hit his 22nd home run of the season on Sunday against the Cardinals, will bring a combined total of more than 1,330 home runs into the series.

Reds ace Aaron Harang, who did not make the National League All-Star team despite an 8-2 record and 100 strikeouts, is scheduled to start on Tuesday against Giants lefty Barry Zito.

I’d like to be there tonight to see Bonds and Zito…oh yeah, and the Reds, too. I’ll be watching on television instead. Let’s discuss it here.

UPDATE: And while you’re at it, check out David Weathers’ comments on the Narron firing over at Jeff Wallner’s blog.

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96 Responses

  1. DevilsAdvocate

    Did anyone see the ominous Homer Bailey footnote in Will Carroll’s BP column today?

  2. Jimmy James


    For the Giants:

    Roberts CF
    Winn RF
    Durham 2B
    Bonds LF
    Klesko 1B
    Molina C
    Feliz 3B
    Vizquel SS
    Zito P

  3. Jimmy James


    Freel CF (Welcome back, little guy!)
    Phillips 2B
    Griffey RF
    Conine 1B
    Dunn LF
    Encarnacion 3B
    Gonzalez SS
    Ross C
    Harang P

    What about Dunn at first to get Hamilton AND Freel in the lineup occasionally? Just a thought.

  4. Eric

    I’ll try to add a post for this after the game but Will Carroll said:

    “Anyone that believes that Homer Bailey and his control problems are just the result of a mechanical flaw probably hasn’t read this far down. They’re not. Sell now.”

  5. Chad

    I like that idea, JJ. Seems the Dunn at 1B experiment is over, though.

    Harang K’s the leadoff hitter.

  6. RagTag

    Looking over this Giants roster, I’m not very impressed. They’re either old or not very good. With a couple of notable exceptions.

  7. Chris W.


    Perhaps my boo will ring just as loud as the one in the stands for Bonds!

  8. Jimmy James

    Half boos, half cheers for Bonds.

    Wonder if he’s been booed in any other ballpark. 😉

  9. Jimmy James

    HR for Bonds. Surprise, surprise.

  10. Chad

    Harang made Bonds look silly on the first two pitches.

    Bonds made Harang look silly on the third.

    Man, I like Barry Bonds.

  11. Eric

    Posting again:

    I’ll try to add a post for this after the game but Will Carroll said:

    “Anyone that believes that Homer Bailey and his control problems are just the result of a mechanical flaw probably hasn’t read this far down. They’re not. Sell now.”

  12. Chris W.

    Don’t you have a man crush on Bonds? 😀

  13. RagTag

    Me too, Chad. For all the crap he’s gotten by everyone, I wish he had spent his career as a Red.

  14. Jimmy James

    Think Bonds will pass Aaron tonight?

  15. Eric

    Good for one of my Scoresheet teams. Bad for the Reds.

    Anyone else play Scoresheet baseball?

  16. Chris W.

    I’ll set the over-under of Bonds homers against the Reds in this series at 3.5 (assuming he plays all 3 games)

    2.5 if he plays 2 games.

  17. RagTag

    Well, now Junior has to match Bonds.

  18. Chad

    Freel swings at the first pitch and pops it up to deep short.

    I remember now why I was so frustrated by Freel before he got injured.

  19. Randy

    Has Junior lost weight? Looks like it.

  20. Jimmy James

    Griffey hit it well, but just got under it a bit. Three quick outs. Down 2-0 after 1.

  21. Jimmy James


    What does that Will Carroll quote about Homer mean? Very cryptic.

  22. Eric


    I don’t know. I know Will a bit and will fire off an Email to him when I get home.

    Knowing Will, he either sees something to make him think there’s an injury or he’s heard something to make him think that.

    That’s just my speculation on his innuendo, though.

  23. Chris W.

    Better inning by Harang!

    chad, check your email!

  24. Y-City Jim

    We know Chad Moeller won’t be pinch hitting tonight. Will Juan Castro?


  25. Jimmy James

    Yep, that’s what Carroll’s quote sounded like to me, too.

  26. Jimmy James

    Wonder if Castro will pinch-hit for Griffey tonight.

  27. Jimmy James

    EE draws a bases-loaded walk. 2-1 now.

  28. Jimmy James

    now Gonzo walks to drive in another one. Tie game.

  29. DevilsAdvocate

    Where has Harang’s control gone? 6 walks tonight in 4+ innings.

  30. Justin

    1 is an IBB but still. Ump must be stingy

  31. Y-City Jim

    Alex G almost made a sensational DP happen.

  32. Y-City Jim

    If he can manage to get the Reds to have at least a six game winning streak, Pete Mackanin will be a god!!!
    😀 😀

    British Petroleum breaks up the no-hitter.

  33. Justin

    He broke up Moyer’s bid last week too.

  34. Y-City Jim

    Conine the Barbarian! Get a hit, big guy!

  35. Chris

    Is this working? I haven’t been able to comment for a week.

  36. al

    the brennamen family lovefest on the radio is outrageous. not bad mind you, just outrageous. nowhere else…

  37. Y-City Jim

    He hung that one over the plate.

  38. Justin

    Dunn Homertime…now would be nice.

  39. DevilsAdvocate

    3 generations of Brennamans on the radio tonight. Kids are cute, al – we’ll allow it. Heck, maybe it’s a goodluck charm like the Elvis statue used to be.

  40. Justin

    Wow Dunn building a good count…but now strike 3 what shock by Adam Dunn. Situational hitting 101 please.

  41. Y-City Jim

    How big would Dunn be if he did steroids? Paul Bunyan size?

  42. Justin

    Zito’s night will be done with a pinch hitter due up second me thinks

  43. Y-City Jim

    Does any announcer have it any more his way than Marty?

  44. Justin

    Bunyan like Dunn couldnt hit a baseball if life depended on it.

  45. Y-City Jim

    Speaking of love fests, the press conference yesterday sure sounded like one for the fired Narron. I haven’t heard as much for the departed Dent. Was Dent part of Narron’s downfall?

  46. Justin

    No love lost for Dent but I did like Narron

  47. Justin

    Harang looks good this inning so far

  48. DevilsAdvocate

    Does any announcer have it any more his way than Marty?

    Vin Scully has quite the sweetheart deal.

  49. Justin

    Harang 6IP 108 pitches up 4th. I have been called to watch House see you after words.

  50. al

    Yeah DA, i ain’t sayin’ it’s bad, but, well… different.

    i live up in boston and people wouldn’t stand for stuff like this on the radio, but, every once in a while they air the friday night games on the WB instead of the redsox network, and man, the announcers cut LOOSE.

    It get’s pretty hillarious at times.

  51. DevilsAdvocate


  52. Chris

    109 pitches and they call it a night for Harang. Jerry’s gone.

  53. DevilsAdvocate

    Hurrah for Brandon Phillips! 1st grandslam of the year for Cincinnati?

  54. DevilsAdvocate

    Now Castellini’s on da rrrrradio.

  55. Y-City Jim

    Castellini was on TV earlier.

    I freaked when I heard Marty was actually reading.

  56. Y-City Jim

    I should go for frozen custard more often during Reds games if grand salamis are the result.

  57. Y-City Jim

    If George Grande ran the Hall of Fame, how many players would be in it?

  58. Y-City Jim

    Seeing the Pontiac Transformers commercial reminded me of a Reds promotional idea I have. Give out Transformer versions of Reds players that you can turn into another more desirable player. For example, a Juan Castro transformer could be turned into A-Rod or Jeter.

  59. Y-City Jim

    Now the real test for Pete Mackanin, how does her respond after an Eddie error?

  60. abner

    More a test for coffey methinks.

    and a DP is the right answer.

  61. DevilsAdvocate

    Jay Bruce just performed some heroics in Chattanooga – bottom of the 9th comeback there. Bruce was also 4-4 with three doubles and a walk.

  62. Y-City Jim

    Maybe next year there will be chants of BRUUUUCE at Great American!

  63. Justin

    I come back from watching house and teh Reds are up 7-3….I like that. Weathers is in.

  64. Justin

    Bonds is up next barring a Double Play. he just owns Weathers.

  65. Y-City Jim

    Defensive substitution of Hopper for Dunn was big this inning.

    Congrats, Pete Mackanin!

  66. Justin

    Congrats Harang on going to 9 wins to 2 defeats!!

  67. Justin

    The bull pen did not blow it. Javaman did well not blowing up. The future starts now. Go Reds!!

  68. Y-City Jim

    The comeback begins tonight. Look out, Brewers!!!

  69. Justin

    We gained a game on the 15.5 down. we have a bunch of games against them too.

  70. abner

    Harang’s 6 walks = a career high. Impressive.

  71. Y-City Jim

    Pete, Pete! He’s our man!
    If he can’t do it!
    Fire him and find someone who can!!


  72. Chris

    Didn’t Harang go 20 starts or something last year without walking more than 2? Or some such?