I just want to mention that I think it’s an absolute disgrace that Aaron Harang wasn’t selected to represent the National League in this year’s All-Star Game.

I’m not going to look up all the numbers and make the comparisons; I’m just sick of Harang being underappreciated by the baseball world. Last year, he got no Cy Young love despite a wonderful season, and now he’s been snubbed for All-Star honors (he’s not even one of the five pitchers competing for the last spot on the roster). What a joke.

A complete disgrace, and I feel bad for Harang. He’s been outstanding for this club, and he needs to know that he isn’t underappreciated by Reds fans out here in Redleg Nation. Am I right?

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  1. doug

    I will do the work for you Chad.

    Player A – 9-4 Record, 3.87 ERA, 111.2 ip, 106 hits, 19 HR allowed, 29 walks, 116 strikeouts. Made the All Star team.

    Player B – 8-2 Record, 3.80 ERA, 113.2 ip, 107 hits, 9 HR allowed, 28 walks, 100 strikeouts. Not even on the vote on ballot.

    Player A – Cole Hamels.
    Player B – Aaron Harang.

    Outside of Cole allowing a lot more home runs, their numbers are nearly identical. Its a shame.

  2. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    Chad, you’re right. But when you pitch for the team with the worst record in baseball playing in the weakest division of the AAAA league, you get left out ‘cuz one rep is all that team’s gonna get.

  3. Bill

    Give ’em hell, Chad!!! He’s the only good pitcher we have.

  4. David

    Say what you want but no love in some circles probably factored into that fantastic extension. I’d rather get the under-appreciated guy on the cheap than worry about a snub at an exhibition game.

  5. Glenn

    I couldn’t believe that last year Harang didn’t receive a single Cy Young vote (even from the Cincy writers). What are they watching?

  6. Justin

    He gets no true respect from greater baseball world. Breing fresh back from Philly the fans there were calling in the shows demanding the Phils acquire Harang from the Reds without giving anything back. It just a segment who fail to realize the value of Harang who is earning his large extention he signed.

  7. Jay

    Harang should be there … enough said.

  8. GregD

    I don’t know why Cole Hamels was selected. Philly had a representative with Utley at 2nd base. His numbers are good, but not cracking the top 5 starters in the NL this season.

    After saying that, if his numbers are near identical to Harang’s, I have trouble arguing that Harang should make the team as it is currently compiled, too. The NL selected only 5 starting pitchers. The AL chose 7. You could argue that more room should have been reserved for starting pitchers.

    #Wins – Harang tied for 9th with 8 other pitchers. Of those 9 pitchers, Harang ranks 8th in ERA.

    ERA – Harang is 21st among NL starters.

    He’s 4th in strikeouts, but 11th in strikeouts per 9 IP.

    baseball-reference lists the top 10 in ERA+ as Penny, Peavy, Young, Maine, Snell, Lowe, Gorzelanny, Webb, Smoltz, and Sheets. Sheets is at 134. I can’t find a list past #10. Harang has 121. Hamels has 114.

    So, I agree that Harang is a more deserving candidate than Hamels, but I don’t think either should have made this year’s roster.

    Now, if you want to complain about Dunn not making the roster, I’m on board!

  9. Justin

    Dunn should be there as should Harang but It might be a better thing that both were not initially selected. Both are probably high on the replacement list. Although I do not think LaRussa will have Harang anywhere near the NL All Stars from the incident way back when.

  10. Y-City Jim

    Oswalt just added to the roster so it is obvious Larussa has issues with Harang.

  11. Justin

    Oswalt over Harang. I wonder if Tony asked Mackanin if he could be added cause he certainly would not have asked Harang himself who Larussa wants suspended for hitting Barnett in the series back in May. My solution for Larussa is that it was not intentional and to get over it. Harang is a very good pitcher. He is the least respected 9 game winner in the 1st week of July in a mighty long time.

  12. GregD

    Harang is having a very good season again, but I don’t think he’s top 7 in the league. Larussa selected 5 starters, the fans added one and now Larussa a 7th with Oswalt. Can’t disagree that Oswalt shouldn’t have been taken when a more deserving candidate like John Maine or Derek Lowe gets the snub. But I don’t think Harang is being inappropriately snubbed.

    Look at the league pitching leaders. The link is the default sorting by ERA. Six NL pitchers with ERA’s under 3.00. Only 3 are on the all-star squad (and one of those three, the lowest in the league, was forced on by fan vote.)

  13. Justin

    I am not saying that Oswalt isnt deserving. Harang isnt even mentioned or considered and he does have 9wins and 100+K’s and has an ERA under 4 which in this day in age is good.

  14. GregD

    I think Young, Maine, Lowe, Webb are all deserving candidates in front of Harang (and Oswalt.) Harang is just not in the all-star tier through one-half of a season when that tier is limited to less than 10 pitchers. He’s been good and I’d group him together with Oswalt (who shouldn’t be on the roster), Hamels (who shouldn’t be on the roster), Lilly, Cain, Morris, and others, but when there are 6 guys with ERA’s under 3, I have a hard time considering a guy with an ERA that just recently dropped below 4.00.

  15. steve

    Oswalt made the team based on finishing 6th in the player vote…it had nothing to do with LaRussa’s choice.

    I agree that Oswalt isn’t having an allstar caliber year, but he’s still very good an demands the utmost respect of the players, which is why the players voted him so high. He also has proven himself as allstar worthy for the last 5 years (which isn’t a very good reason, but it sure helps during voting time – just ask Pudge). I have no problem having Oswalt on the team.

    Harang definitely deserved more consideration, but that’s what happens when your team sucks – you only get one choice.

    Dunn needs to do more than hit a few homers to really get any consideration this year…sorry, he isn’t and shouldn’t be there.

  16. GregD

    When do the players vote?

    Something you have to consider is that Harang spent the first two months of the year with an ERA over 4.00, even breaking 5.00 as late as May 10. Roy Oswalt has been riding a 3.00 ERA line most of the season.