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Game Thread: Reds at Phillies — 2007.06.28

One game left in the Philadelphia series before the Reds return home to face the Cardinals. Matt Ba-liss-le takes the mound for the good guys, as the Reds attempt to win a series for only the second time this month. No, June has not been kind to the Redlegs.

We love ’em anyway, though, don’t we? Discuss!

53 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Phillies — 2007.06.28

  1. This game is just another example of how the screwed-up concept of “closer” and the abomination that is the saves rule affect strategies adversely. Instead of using your best bullpen arm in a high leverage situation, you hold him back for a situation that may never – and didn’t – arise.

    You’re tied on the road in extra innings. If the Phillies score, you don’t get to bat again. Yet your most consistent arm is sitting in the pen waiting for a lead to protect.

    Narron has to bring Stormy in for the 10th, particularly since he had already been granted his nightly miracle in that Coutlangus got us through a scoreless 9th. Yes, Weathers would have led off the 11th but at least you would have had the 11th. And I’m not sure I wouldn’t let Weathers bat anyway in that case. With one out, you would have had Ross and then the top of the order and Stormy for the bottom of the 11th.

    Two innings might have been a stretch, since Weathers went two on Wednesday. But he didn’t pitch in the blowout Tuesday. You’ve got to use him for the 10th at least, though.

    Torre did the same thing against the Os in Baltimore Tuesday night. Brought in Proctor and left Mo in the pen. Proctor walks in the winning run and the Yankees lose.

  2. Right on al! I like Elizardo a whole lot more than most people seem to (those last couple of starts he had in 2005 seemed to leave a sour taste in everyone), but glad to see you’re on that train too. I just hope his arm’s okay. If Belisle or Lohse continue to show little-to-no improvement, I’d think about plugging in Ramirez to see what happens.

  3. I was at the game on Thursday in the Rain. It was going to be one of those nights, wind blowing out. Situational hitting is a major issue for this team. Small ball needs to be correctly employed. Dunn blasted an Adam Eaton offering to the top tier at Citizens Bank. It was awesome. There are a couple of good things I saw from the Bullpen. Coffee was not awful and Coutlangus impressed me greatly in the 9th striking out both Utley who owned us and Howard in the B9th. Victor Santos and Marcus McBeth are both brutal and McBeth needs more time to get consistant. There is some hope I think. That is what I have to say about this Game. Salmon looked better then in Tuesday’s game.

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