One game left in the Philadelphia series before the Reds return home to face the Cardinals. Matt Ba-liss-le takes the mound for the good guys, as the Reds attempt to win a series for only the second time this month. No, June has not been kind to the Redlegs.

We love ’em anyway, though, don’t we? Discuss!

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  1. james

    so who’s the top prospect, and will we be able to sign him if we draft him, in next years draft?

  2. Y-City Jim

    Hume providing color commentary.

  3. DevilsAdvocate

    The Phillies starter Eaton has thrown 51 pitches so far. Just 23 for strikes.

  4. RagTag

    Hamilton with a double and Gonzo with a walk to start the fourth.

    Now hitting: Chad Moeller! Hurrah!

  5. DevilsAdvocate

    Hurry up guys, get this inning in and make it official before the rain (and hail?!?) arrives.

  6. DevilsAdvocate

    (Reds leading 5-4 with the Phillies about to come to bat in the fifth.)

  7. DevilsAdvocate

    Time to get Chase Utley out. He doesn’t need another homerun.

  8. DevilsAdvocate

    Yikes. That was close, but Dunn catches Utley’s flyball at the wall. Get Ryan Howard out again and lock it down, Belisle.

  9. DevilsAdvocate

    Walk and a single…Belisle is not making this easy. Just need one more out, and then you can sit down and watch the weather.

  10. RagTag

    I love this team. I especially love how they blow a lead with two out and no one one, in the fifth with a rainstorm approaching any second. It’s an official game now, and the Reds are losing.

  11. DevilsAdvocate

    Oh, Belisle. All that was needed was an out, and instead it’s 2 runs and the Reds are down 6-5. Now they need to hope that the weather holds off, and/or doesn’t last long.

  12. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    Here’s what we do. We take all the video from all the games and with some judicious editing and a new score, we have the 2007 version of the Keystone Cops.

    If you’re going to carry three catchers, shouldn’t one of them be able to, you know, catch?

  13. DevilsAdvocate

    This is just a tremendously disappointing game in a tremendously disappointing season by a tremendously disappointing team.

  14. DevilsAdvocate

    It’s a tiegame again! Speedster Hatteberg makes it to third on the scarifice fly that scores Hoooooooper. 6-6, against all odds.

  15. DevilsAdvocate

    I’m taking this opportunity to vote in the All-Star balloting. At least Griffey has earned all the votes he’s getting and more.

  16. DevilsAdvocate

    Intentional walk to Dunn in order to face Encarnación with runners on and two out. Make ’em pay, EdE.

  17. DevilsAdvocate

    Not so much. But at least it’s tied again. Now they just have to avoid giving up the lead again – they’re playing on borrowed time with the approaching storm. I’m surprised it’s not there already.

  18. DevilsAdvocate

    Uh oh. Gosling’s into the game. He’s due for a good outing by now, right? 😕

  19. DevilsAdvocate

    Salmon rescues Gosling, and no runs. Excellent. Still 6-all.

    I believe if this game is tied and they decide to call the game, it will be resumed from the point in the game when play was stopped. Do the Reds visit Philadelphia again this year?

    It is raining now, says the radio.

  20. DevilsAdvocate

    Eddie Guardado is with the team? That’s news to me.

  21. DevilsAdvocate

    Alex Gonzalez with the homer! And they lead 7-6. The way this game has felt, it would be a near-miracle to win it.

  22. DevilsAdvocate

    McBeth is in the game.

    Screw your courage to the sticking-place,
    And we’ll not fail.

  23. Y-City Jim

    Freel had scored a run so far in tonight’s game at Louisville.

  24. DevilsAdvocate

    Shazzbot. 7-all, tie game again.

  25. Y-City Jim

    You can’t throw the ball there.

  26. Y-City Jim

    That was almost interesting between Utley and Howard.

  27. Chris

    Guardado has been doing a lot of coaching, from what I’ve heard (and seen). Of course, he’s also catching, under the name of Javy Valentin (according to the Phillies TV cameras).

  28. Chris

    It’s good to see that some things never change – Jerry Narron again using a half dozen pitchers…so far.

  29. Chris

    Sorry, is that 7 pitchers now?

    Harang, Lohse, and Homer are all standing watch on the dugout rail. In the rain. Looks pretty cool, actually.

  30. Chris

    How cool is Chase Utley, btw? He looks old school (i.e, skinny).

  31. Chris

    Anyone know why George Grande is referring to “Albert Pull-holz”?

  32. DevilsAdvocate

    Is it the same reason that Nuxhall used to refer to “Juan En-cra-nass-yun”?

  33. DevilsAdvocate

    Victor Santos! He sure hasn’t gotten much work this year. Or at least that’s the way it feels.

  34. DevilsAdvocate

    Maybe this is why. Leadoff walk allowed.

  35. Chris

    I think one of those guys might’ve been able to get that one.

  36. DevilsAdvocate

    Well, I did say that it would be a miracle if they won it. But still depressing.

    8-7 Phillies in 10 innings, final score.

  37. al

    pitchers i’m not interested in right now: belise, santos, lohse

    pitchers i am interested in: livingston 3.83, dumatrait 3.87, the lizard 2.45

  38. DevilsAdvocate

    The grass is always greener on the other side, al . . .

    I’m going to start being nonsensically folksy like Brantley. Stuff like, “Why milk the cow when you can eat steak for free?”

  39. Matt B.

    On the bright side, we have a nice draft pick to look forward to.

  40. Glenn

    When this season began, I had no earthly idea this team would be as bad as it is.

  41. al

    agreed DA, but at this point in the season, i’ll go with the loser i don’t know. we’ve gotten to the “can’t get any worse” stage where you might as well try to find a diamond in the rough.

    plus, the lizard has had more success at the big league level than any of those guys (save maybe lohse), and he’s younger.

  42. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    This game is just another example of how the screwed-up concept of “closer” and the abomination that is the saves rule affect strategies adversely. Instead of using your best bullpen arm in a high leverage situation, you hold him back for a situation that may never – and didn’t – arise.

    You’re tied on the road in extra innings. If the Phillies score, you don’t get to bat again. Yet your most consistent arm is sitting in the pen waiting for a lead to protect.

    Narron has to bring Stormy in for the 10th, particularly since he had already been granted his nightly miracle in that Coutlangus got us through a scoreless 9th. Yes, Weathers would have led off the 11th but at least you would have had the 11th. And I’m not sure I wouldn’t let Weathers bat anyway in that case. With one out, you would have had Ross and then the top of the order and Stormy for the bottom of the 11th.

    Two innings might have been a stretch, since Weathers went two on Wednesday. But he didn’t pitch in the blowout Tuesday. You’ve got to use him for the 10th at least, though.

    Torre did the same thing against the Os in Baltimore Tuesday night. Brought in Proctor and left Mo in the pen. Proctor walks in the winning run and the Yankees lose.

  43. DevilsAdvocate

    Right on al! I like Elizardo a whole lot more than most people seem to (those last couple of starts he had in 2005 seemed to leave a sour taste in everyone), but glad to see you’re on that train too. I just hope his arm’s okay. If Belisle or Lohse continue to show little-to-no improvement, I’d think about plugging in Ramirez to see what happens.

  44. Justin

    I was at the game on Thursday in the Rain. It was going to be one of those nights, wind blowing out. Situational hitting is a major issue for this team. Small ball needs to be correctly employed. Dunn blasted an Adam Eaton offering to the top tier at Citizens Bank. It was awesome. There are a couple of good things I saw from the Bullpen. Coffee was not awful and Coutlangus impressed me greatly in the 9th striking out both Utley who owned us and Howard in the B9th. Victor Santos and Marcus McBeth are both brutal and McBeth needs more time to get consistant. There is some hope I think. That is what I have to say about this Game. Salmon looked better then in Tuesday’s game.