Richmond 6, Louisville 0

24 year-old Calvin Medlock continues to sit hitters down. He pitched two innings giving up 0 H, 0 BB, and 0 ER with 2 Ks.

31 year-old Ryan Freel went 1 for 3, and went a whole game without injuring himself or a teammate. In 3 games at Louisville, he is hitting .231/.231/.308

Chattanooga 10, Huntsville 1

20 year-old Jay Bruce went 2 for 5 with a 2B. He now has a 4 game hitting streak and is batting .435/.485/.913. Not a bad start.

21 year-old Johnny Cueto pitched 6 innings in his AA debut, giving up 5 H, 2 BB, and a ER with 6 Ks.

Sarasota 9, Vero Beach 1

24 year-old catcher Craig Tatum went 3 for 5 with a HR, and 2 RBI. He is hitting .320/.348/.525. That walk rate is not very good. Anybody know what his defense is like?

20 year-old Travis Wood pitched 5 innings giving up 4 H, 3 BB with 6 Ks. His ERA fell to 4.97 with 40 Ks, 24 BB, and 41 H in 38 IP. Looks like a Homer Bailey line.

South Bend 13, Dayton 5

22 year-old Carson Kainer went 2 for 4. He is hitting .286/.318/.381 in 5 games since his demotion.

21 year-old Chris Valaika went 2 for 4. He is hitting .320/.364/.509. He only has 15 BB in 296 PAs. He has only 1 SB in 5 attempts.

Billings 7, Great Falls 0

22 year old RHP — and Redleg Nation Spotlight Player/contributor — Matt Klinker made his professional debut going an inning giving up a H and striking out 2.

22 year-old Kyle Maunus went 4 for 5 with 3 2B and 2 RBI. In 29 PAs he is hitting .407/.433/.593

22 year-old Michael McKennon went 3 for 4 with 2 2B, and a 3B. In 33 PAs he is hitting .500/.543/.781

20 year-old Michael Jones went 3 for 4 with an RBI. In 27 PAs he is hitting .400/.429/.480

GCL Twins 1, GCL Reds 0

19 year-old 2007 1st round pick Devin Mesoraco went 1 for 4 in his professional debut with a 2B.

18 year-old shortstop Neftali Soto went 2 for 4 with 2 2B. In 22 PAs he is hitting .500/.478/.727. He must have a SAC to have an OBP below his BA.

8 thoughts on “DOTF

  1. Looking at the Billings gamelog, that sounds like an heart-racing debut inning for MattK:
    1st batter – strikeout
    2nd batter – strikeout
    3rd batter – single to RF
    4th batter – reaches on E-5
    5th batter – reaches on E-6, bases loaded
    6th batter – grounds out 6-4 to end the game and preserve the team shutout.

    Congrats on a successful debut Matt!

  2. Doug over at Reds Minor Leagues said Cueto hit 99 on the gun last night, but he thinks it might have been a juiced gun.

    Tatum’s defense is good. I saw him alot last year in Dayton and last week in Sarasota, he catches the ball well, good on low blocks, and throws well. I don’t know why he wasn’t promoted, except there are two guys at Chattanooga. But IMO, Hannigan should be in Louisville.

  3. And since I was touting Mike Griffin for promotion also, this note from today’s Enquirer:

    Since April 16, Griffind has gone 94-286 (has 103 hits on the year, most in the minors). In June he’s hitting .402/.423/.588.
    And wasn’t promoted.

  4. Morasco has a .500 SLG. Shouldn’t he be at A+? 🙂

    Even if Cueto was on a fast gun, 95 is pretty darn good, too.

  5. Bill,
    According to Travis Wood’s mom, Tatum was packing his bags last night after the game for Chattanooga. I would bet that means Hanigan gets the bump as well.

  6. According to Wood’s mother, doug? That’s great. You’ve got some inside sources, man. ❗

  7. Yeah, I have quite a few contacts with players and their families so I tend to get some information that others dont always get at the same time.

  8. Did the gun show 99 consistently or just the 1 time? If he’s normally in the mid-90’s, it’s possible he hit 99, right?

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