The Hardball Times is running a series on the 2007 first round draft picks by Carlos Gomez. It’s probably a good idea to read the beginning of the first installment to get an idea of what he’s evaluating and how.

 Here is the installment where he’s evaluating Mesoraco (halfway down, pick 15).

 It’s also fun to go back and read last year’s evaluations. He was NOT a fan of Drew Stubbs.

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  1. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan


    You’re batting .500. Check the link text.

    As for Stubbs, who else was there? there was this Lincecum kid, but look how that turned out for the Giants. Oh, wait…

    Somewhat OT, someone has a complete 1951-2007 set of Reds baseball cards up on eBay.