Any chance tonight’s game can match last night’s?

That depends largely on which starting pitcher shows up: Dr. Kyle or Mr. Lohse. He was pretty bad last time out against Oakland, so maybe he’s due for a strong start tonight. Maybe.

I’m sure Junior Griffey will be getting plenty of love again tonight. Let’s hope he has a better night at the plate than he did last night.

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53 Responses

  1. RagTag

    Probably can’t match last night. With the emotion, and the drilling the Reds gave Seattle…it would be tough to match that.

    I’ll take a win, however we get it.

  2. Chad

    Jay Bruce, DHing for Chattanooga tonight, in his 2nd game in AA:

    3-4 with a HR and 3 RBI.

    Very nice.

  3. Ben

    I can’t wait to see Jay Bruce, Josh Hamilton, and Norris Hopper in the OF together in a couple of years!

    Okay, maybe one of those doesn’t belong.

  4. Randy

    Lineups…a little late, but first, for the Reds:

    Hopper LF
    Phillips 2B
    Griffey RF
    Conine 1B
    Dunn DH
    Gonzo SS
    Hamilton CF
    Ross C
    Castro 3B

  5. Randy


    Suzuki CF
    Lopez 2B
    Vidro DH
    Ibanez LF
    Johjima C
    Beltre 3B
    Sexson 1B
    Broussard RF
    Betancourt SS

  6. Ben

    Junior has struck out four straight times in this series. Not a great return!

  7. RagTag

    Okay, who’s it going to be: Dr. Kyle or Mr. Lohse?

    Single to the leadoff hitter. Mr. Lohse is rearing his ugly head early.

  8. RagTag

    At least Castro won’t be pinch-hitting for Hamilton tonight. He’ll get four ABs instead!

  9. Mike

    Castro, y? Did he draw a walk off Washburn once?

  10. Chad

    Ha. I’m sure Baseball Reference has the answer somewhere, but I’d like to see what Castro’s numbers against Washburn are.

  11. RagTag

    Ball four to the second hitter. Two on with no outs, and Jose Vidro is up.

  12. Chad

    You can tell why people have gotten so excited over Lohse in the past. When he’s good, he really looks like an incredible pitcher.

    But he pitches like a 20 year old…very inconsistent.

  13. Ben

    Hope they don’t score 16 runs on us tonight.

  14. Mike

    What a difference a day makes! Sacks are full

  15. Chad

    I wouldn’t have gone that far, Bill. But if he doesn’t figure things out RIGHT NOW, I wouldn’t even consider signing him after the season.

  16. Mike

    Who is long in the pen Santos?, cause we are getting in deep

  17. RagTag

    Four batters, four runs. Nice to see you again, Mr. Hyde.

  18. Mike

    To bad all the contracts are quaranteed, we would be a much leaner team if you had to earn your pay every week

  19. Mike

    Game ERA of 36.00 ,good inning Kyle 😯

  20. RagTag

    “Fever Pitch” is on HBO right now. I’m thinking about becoming a Red Sox fan.

  21. Bill

    I was watching the replay of Cotto-Judah on Tivo..I’m thinking of going back to it.

  22. Randy

    Ugh, the Red Sox. The Reds suck, but at least we aren’t as obnoxious as Boston fans.

  23. Bill

    I’ve been out of circulation…with a LHP why is EE not playing?

  24. Chad

    I’d turn it over to Fever Pitch, but I just ate a little while ago and I’m afraid I’d vomit if I saw Drew Barrymore.

  25. RagTag

    Because Castro is awesome! Much better than Edwin, or Josh Hamilton.

  26. Bill

    Chad…don’t be insulting Drew, we’ll have to tangle…I like her.

  27. Mike

    Was that Freel on the bases? A major blunder there A Gon

  28. Mike

    I think Hamilton is seeing the ball well again, he will need more frequent days off as the season progresses

  29. Bill

    I think people need to be realistic in their expectations for Hamilton, he’s not as good as he looked early and not as bad as he’ll look at times.

  30. Chad

    Oh goodness, Bill. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Drew Barrymore is hideous. I can barely stand to look at her. Or listen to her. I watched Fever Pitch because it was about baseball, but I’ve only seen her in maybe one other thing since ET. Can’t stand her.

  31. Chad

    Bases loaded here for the Reds. Maybe Castro can hit a grand slam to tie it up.


  32. RagTag

    Solid .167 BA for Castro. What a great player.

  33. Bill

    Nice catch by Hopper…I don’t think Dunn catches that ball.

  34. RagTag

    Efficient inning for Lohse there. Three pitches, three outs.

  35. Bill

    I’d never throw Phillips anything but curveballs down below the knees…and heat about his shoulders.

  36. Mike

    I think people need to be realistic in their expectations for Hamilton, he’s not as good as he looked early and not as bad as he’ll look at times.

    I was just commenting that we need to make sure he can be rested because afterall he is still a rookie, a very raw rookie

  37. Mike

    Tonight is a disaster, we could have really built some mo going into Philly and back to the National league. Instead, we get an effort worthy of a A league pitcher in a major league game

  38. RagTag

    You’re right, Mike…and I don’t think Bill was disagreeing with you. You are both correct. Hamilton isn’t going to be a superstar this year, and we definitely need to see him rested often. He hasn’t had this many ABs in a long, long time.

  39. RagTag

    I sure hope the bullpen doesn’t blow this one.

  40. Mike

    M’s have the bases loaded again agains the pen