First, to update the story from earlier, last year’s #2 pick, pitcher Sean Watson, has been promoted from Dayton (A) to Sarasota (A+). RHP Johnny Cueto will join Jay Bruce in moving from Sarasota to Chattanooga (AA). More news to come on Thursday, I’m sure.

The GCL Reds (Rookie) obtained a new player today, as well: 2007 #1 draft pick Devin Mesaraco, who spurned the University of Virginia and signed a contract on Wednesday to join the Reds organization. Welcome to Redleg Nation, Devin!

Finally, what’s up with Everyday Eddie?

It appears Eddie Guardado is going to get his wish and join the Reds for the three-game series this weekend in Seattle.

But it’s doubtful that Guardado will be pitching against the club that traded him to the Reds.

The Reds recalled Guardado from his minor league rehab assignment with Triple-A Louisville on Tuesday after his back stiffened up after his outing Monday.

“He’s had some stiffness in his lower back,” Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky said. “The medical people wanted that to calm down before he threw again.”

Guardado has spent the season rehabbing from Sept. 8 Tommy John surgery.

His goal was to pitch in the Seattle series.

“He might meet us in Seattle – not to be activated or anything that I know,” Reds manager Jerry Narron said. “I’m not sure of that.”

Narron, in fact, was clueless about when Guardado might be ready to pitch or how serious the back problem is.

“I don’t know,” Narron said. “I really don’t know.”

Narron wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Guardado being activated in Seattle.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’m going with what the medical people say on this and what Eddie says. He knows his arm. He knows his body a lot better than anybody else does.

“I’m not about to jeopardize his season or his career.”

Guardado began his rehab on May 28. He pitched three times for Single-A Dayton and four times for Triple-A Louisville.

He allowed runs in only one of the seven appearances.

The Reds have been counting on Guardado to solidify the bullpen. (emphasis added)


I want to urge caution, once again, among Reds fans over Guardado’s return. Yes, I know we have the worst bullpen in the history of organized baseball. Yes, I know our closer is David “*&*#(&(&#” Weathers. Yes, I know Guardado had a 1.29 ERA with 8 saves last year for the Reds.

If you are expecting Guardado to come back and be the savior of this bullpen, I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed. Everyday Eddie may come back and be great, but it’s more likely that his performance last year was a fluke or that he won’t ever be an effective major league pitcher again after the injury.

Don’t be surprised, however, if Narron uses Guardado in four straight games — in clutch situations — immediately after his return. That Narron sure does know how to manage a bullpen.

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15 Responses

  1. GodlyCynic

    Four straight games in clutch situations where he leaves Eddie in for two innings at a time.

  2. Matt W

    Also moving from Dayton to Sarasota is RP Jose Rojas (leads the team in saves with 11) and OF Gerardo Cabrera.

  3. Bill

    Cabrera? WHY in the world would they be moving him? Must need a scrub OF in Sarasota….he didn’t even play in Dayton.

  4. Matt W

    Maybe it was an age thing Cabrera is 23 and Rojas is 24. Plus they are getting an OF back in Carson Kainer from Sarasota; so it maybe it was just to even out the moves

  5. al

    and just in case people think this is actually the worst bullpen in the world, there are 6 teams with worse bullpen ERAs than the reds have, and they all have better records. the cubs have as many bullpen losses as the reds, baltimore has more.

  6. preach

    But how many teams have been so ‘openly dedicated’ to improving the bullpen by making the deals the Reds have over the last season or two? A bad bullpen is one thing, but a terrible bullpen after all the moves and trades and publicity is another. I also blame on field management of those arms more than the pitchers themselves.

  7. Matt W

    How many times in the last two seasons has the headline in the paper the day after a loss said something about the bullpen?

    Today in the DDN, Hal McCoy,
    “Bullpen tumbles away game”

  8. Chris

    On the topic of cheap pitching, I went to the Padres/Orioles game last night, which matched two waiver-wire pickups, in Germano and Jeremy Guthrie. Two starters having great success so far this year – total cost of acquisitions = $40k.

  9. rickNmd

    Baltimore’s bullpen has been worse and cost a LOT more than the Reds over the past two years. Baez is in the first of three years and $18M and the orioles would LOVE to release him already. Does the Reds entire bullpen cost $18M???

  10. RedZig

    Surprised they are not pushing Stubbs, he has the tools, I thought he was working on a shorter swing, which has always been an issue since I watched him here in Texas, but, dude can flat out run and catch the damn ball, like to see him face tougher competition and not be babied around…

  11. al

    don’t get me wrong, this bullpen sucks. my point was that there are worse bullpens out there, on teams that are doing better than the reds. it’s not our only problem by a long shot, and we shouldn’t expect our season to get a lot better even if we improved the pen.

    not to be too dark of a cloud.

  12. Phil Rizzuto Parmesan

    On a different pitching note, Jayson Stark’s latest Rumblings and Grumblings at points out that Kyle Lohse has received the 4th lowest run support in MLB at 3.21 runs/9. In five of his starts he’s gone at least 6 innings with only one run to back him up. I know he’s been somewhat erratic, but the offense hasn’t given him much of a margin for error.

  13. Justin

    Our Heckle and Jeckle pitcher is as he was in Twins land. I understand old standby JC Romaro is a free agent now. perhaps the old Twins connection will happen again….Loshe, Joe Mays….Bullpen is awful. Hopefully we can get improvement when Bray gets back with Every other day Eddie. Hell even I will pick my glover up and toss for the Reds….might as well, our gas cans cant put out a fire so why not me.

  14. Bill

    Swapping Kanier for Cabrera makes no sense, Kainer was doing ok in Sarasota and Cabrera wasn’t even playing in Dayton. If he cam’t start in Dayton, why promote him? If he can’t cut it at low A, release him.

    Stubbs’ defense has been great in the games I’ve seen, his speed may be there, but it doesn’t show up in his SB%, and his offense is nothing exceptional.