Game Thread: Reds at Athletics — 2007.06.18


Reds and Athletics tonight, at McAfee Coliseum in Oakland. Kyle Lohse gets the nod for the Redlegs, and Joe Blanton will go for the A’s.

Jeff has a good series preview here.

I’m not very excited about this road trip. Historically, the Reds have performed very poorly out west, and they have shown me nothing this season to make me think that is going to change this week.

I hope I’m wrong.

Discuss it here.


  1. Brian says:

    Here’s the Oakland lineup-
    Travis Buck lf
    Mark Kotsay cf
    Nick Swisher rf
    Eric Chavez 3b
    Jack Cust dh
    Mark Ellis 2b
    Dan Johnson 1b
    Bobby Crosby ss
    Jason Kendall c

  2. Brian says:

    And the Reds
    Hopper rf
    Hatteberg 1b
    Griffey dh
    Phillips 2b
    Dunn lf
    Encarnacion 3b
    Hamilton cf
    Gonzalez ss
    Ross c

  3. Jimmy James says:

    Norris Hopper leading off again. Sheesh.

  4. Jimmy James says:

    Two hits and a walk in the first four batters. Looks like Dr. Kyle showed up, rather than Mr. Lohse.

  5. Randy says:

    Bases loaded, one out, with Jack Cust at the plate. Oh now.

  6. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Cust has cooled off though. Lohse goes out of the strikezone but luckily Cust swings and misses.

    Oh dear. E-6 again.

  7. Matt B. says:

    I’d rather have Felipe over Gonzalez at this point. For a defensive player, this is getting ridiculous.

  8. Randy says:

    Error on Alex Gonzalez, and that was a bad error.

    I thought he was supposed to be a good fielder?

  9. Jimmy James says:

    What the heck? Another error by Gonzo? What’s going on here?

  10. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Felipe would have at least as many errors as Gonzalez if he were still at shortstop. Plus, Gonzalez is hitting decently and Felipe has been nothing short of terrible.

    But the point is valid. Gonzalez has not been what the Reds thought they were getting. It’s weird.

  11. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Hey, the “advanced” part of mlb’s gameday is working. Is it only western teams that have that stuff installed at their parks, or what?

  12. Jimmy James says:

    I noticed that, DA. I know LA has it, too. Who else?

    It’s pretty neat.

  13. DevilsAdvocate says:

    San Diego has it too . . .

  14. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Wow. It’s one thing to hear how much foul territory there is at the Coliseum, but to see it . . . wow. There acres of it.

  15. Jimmy James says:

    1st and 3rd with no outs, for NORRIS!

  16. Jimmy James says:

    And NORRIS! drives in the run, of course!

    With a double play…

  17. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Ross is now at a .198 BA. So close.

    Hooper kills the rally with a double play. But a run does score.

    Reds are 0-6 versus Oakland in interleague play. Ouch.

  18. Matt B. says:

    Ross is really starting to heat up. Good for him!

    Crosby makes the play that Gonzalez couldn’t. I wouldn’t really rather have Felipe at this point; it was more out of frustration. But, it should be noted that Gonzalez had 16 errors for three straight years before he had seven last year. 27 in ’99 and 26 in ’01. He is good when he’s on and focused, but it just seems like he isn’t always focused or something. He seems distracted.

  19. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Some tall bounces on this field. Hamilton had to leap to stop that single.

  20. CeeKeR says:

    I’ll still take Gonzalez over Felipe simply because I’ve never seen a player take more strike three calls than Felipe did… Used to drive me crazy!

  21. DevilsAdvocate says:

    There we go – Gonzalez starts the doubleplay there. He does make some good plays on defense, it’s just his long errorless streak last season which Krivsky probably thought he was getting.

  22. DevilsAdvocate says:

    I’ve never seen a player take more strike three calls than Felipe did…

    Not even Adam Dunn?

  23. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Man. This is a doubleplay kind of game.

  24. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Kyle Lohse: “I am a cipher. A cipher; wrapped in an enigma, smothered in secret sauce.”

    3-1 A’s.

  25. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Make that 6-1.

  26. John says:

    Kyle Lohse: Showing why the Twins can’t use him in their rotation.

    New topic: Isn’t it so much better to listen to Thom and Chris than it is to listen to George and Chris? I think Thom makes Chris better by bringing something to discuss…

  27. DevilsAdvocate says:

    I don’t know about the team of Thom & Chris (no FSN-OH for me), but in general Thom has definitely improved quickly since the start of the season. I think that maybe, just maybe, he’s previously filled the role of reactionary malcontent in the booth, with Arizona and with the national FOX broadcasts. But with the Reds, that job was already taken, and I think he’s adapted to that after a rough start.

  28. Ron says:

    Note To Wayne Krivski: The next time Lohse has a good outing, trade him the next day … please???

  29. Randy says:

    SSDD, when it comes to these West Coast trips.

  30. John says:

    Man, I hate interleague play. I’d hate it less if the Reds could even compete from year to year, but they’ve sucked every year against every team since this crap started.

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